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  1. stsalvage

    1989-94 frangers and 1991--94 ford explorers Heater contoller cables

    I have one for all your Ranger and Ford explorers mutts out there Why do all the Junk parks Cut the heater control cables? You know the mothers are not out there. I've looked for days trying to find the cables that connect to the controller I found 1. LMC use to sell them cus I have a 2008...
  2. stsalvage

    1996 ford ranger 2.3 Clutch and brake pedal are locked together

    I know the brake pedal and clutch Pedal are together but one is inside the other You step on the clutch the brake lights come on. Makes driving a bit hard The booster Is making like air is coming out in the cab It sounds like a swoosh sound I know some factory-new cars have this But can't...
  3. stsalvage

    Looking for the 1991 ford out law rims

    I have pay pal ready I need for with caps or 4 with them like to have no damage let me know stsalvage at yahoo
  4. stsalvage

    1991 ford explorer 4.0 5 speed trans I have a problem

    I own 2 ford rangers 1990 and 1991 one is auto the other is a 5 speed I own now 2 ford explorers 1991 ford explorer 4.0 5 speed trans the 1994 ford explorer is a 4.0 5 speed 4X4. The first 3 pics are my 1990 ford ranger XLT extended cab it has the engine sock the one's after it are of the 1991...
  5. stsalvage

    1991 ford explorer 2 wheel drive 5 speed transsmission its a LX modal No power doors all roll up

    I'm trying to find parts for the resr doors for my 1994 XLT explorer. I love to turn my power doors in to roll up doors. I'm leaving this piss poor state that I'm in and moving where life is like it used to be here. But I'm a Manual type of guy. I'm from the old days of having to rull up your...
  6. stsalvage

    Wanted 1991 for explorer Door arm pad No power doors This is a LX SUV NOT THE XLT

    I need all 4 doors standard Arm Rest In any color Blue would be nice Have a look I'm at stsalvage@yahoo.com If you can find me all the rear doors with roll-up windows with door panels i buy them as well I bought a 1994 XLT full power but would rather have roll-up windows. Let me know I'm In...
  7. stsalvage

    Wanted 1990-1994 ranger or Explorer Alum out law rims 15 inch

    These mostly came on the ford explorer and the Rangers with 4X4 I like to get 5 of them but 4 will do I'm in Calif 92553 will pay for shipping Have PayPal ready stsalvage@yahoo.com like them to come with caps 2 wheel drive but can take 4X4 as well don't want them painted or damaged
  8. stsalvage

    2.3 and the 3.0 do they share the same bell housing on the 5 speed transmission from 1991-97

    Is the 2.3 transmission the same bell housing as the 3.0 from 1991--1997 ford rangers for the 5-speed stick shift
  9. stsalvage

    dose the 2.9 use the same motor mounts as the 4.0

    I'm looking at a bronco 2 an i really hate the 2.9.I've always had better luck with the 4.0.I know if i use the 4.0 in the bronco I need to use the 8.8 rear end cus the 4.0 Puts out a lot of torq that the 7.5 can't handle as in rear ends.Any one have any other advise on if i do this I did find...
  10. stsalvage

    ford air bag clock spring

    I'm having a rough time trying to find one I bought a column from a junk yard and it was a tilt column from a 1997 But the little bastards took the steering wheel and the clock spring before they shipped it Now i'm trying to find one that will work in the 1995--97 ranger and the dealer is not...
  11. stsalvage

    Heater Core need help 1996 extened cab

    they make 2 heater cores for this truck the alum and the copper one which one is better I have old Chevy's and the copper and brass ones seem to hold the heat better and seem to last a Lot longer need to know if the alum would do or fair any better then the copper and brass one you can email me...
  12. stsalvage

    IN need of a 8.8 1991 ranger Rear end yoke

    I need a new one cus the pinion seal wore a grove in mine where do i find them where do i look for one and dose the after market racing one diffrent then the stock one you can contact me at Stsalvage@yahoo.com this is a 1991 ford ranger super cab 4.0 2 wheel drive with the 8.8 rear end NOT the...