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  1. ant.xlt.96

    Tap out broken bolts? - alternator bracket

    Hi all, I've got two snapped bolts out of the three that hold the alternator bracket. They're flush, so nothing to grab on to. (This is a 96 4.0L xlt 2wd for reference. ) I've been able to drill out enough to try an ez-out screw removal tool, but the first one broke. I've taken this engine...
  2. ant.xlt.96

    Difficulty of fuel pump replacement? - on street repair

    Hi guys, I parked my 96 xlt after work and it wouldn't start in the morning. I'm thinking this is the fuel pump. So far I've cranked it with starting fluid (runs then dies), replaced the fuel filter, and replaced the fuel pump relay. Still no start. I'll be able to check pressure at the fuel...
  3. ant.xlt.96

    Removing Heads - Stuck exhaust manifold bolts

    Tearing down the engine in my 96 4.0 OHV v6 to replace head gaskets. I've got the passenger side head removed, but the driver's side is a PITA! I've been able to remove 2 of the 6 bolts going into the head, but don't have enough clearance with my 1/2" drive breaker bar to get the leverage it...
  4. ant.xlt.96

    Coolant loss - but NOT heads!

    Hi guys, I've been dealing with a major coolant loss in my 96 xlt for about a month now. I bought the truck off of craigslist about four months ago and have been upgrading stuff since then, but am at a loss as to what's going on. Recently, I put in new gaskets on the lower manifold, valve...
  5. ant.xlt.96

    Dies after starting - just changed lower manifold gaskets

    Hey all, I'm having a head scratching moment. I just replaced the intake manifold, lower manifold, and valve cover gaskets due to a heavy coolant leak (head gasket was ruled out) Now after getting everything back together, it starts but dies soon after. If I give it throttle, it'll run rough...
  6. ant.xlt.96

    Dies after starting - just changed lower manifold gaskets - WHAT DID I FORGET?!?

    I just got everything back together on my 96 4.0 v6 after changing: intake manifold gaskets, valve cover gaskets, and lower manifold gasket. I labeled everything and it didn't seem like there was anything left over. The truck's been leaking coolant heavily, but there wasn't any coolant in the...