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  1. kryptonitecb

    Pricing on a built 8.8

    I have a 31 spline disk brake 8.8 with 4.10's, a Detroit locker, RuffStuff diff cover, and all the work done to get it under a rbv already done. My question is regarding the price. I haven't seen many 8.8's for sale here that are already built like this and I was curious to know what y'all think...
  2. kryptonitecb

    Sound insulation

    Before I brought over a write up that I did in another forum about sound insulation I wanted to see if anyone has done one here first. I don't want to do a write up and then find out that I'm just repeating the same old story. And yes I searched but only saw old archived threads.
  3. kryptonitecb

    Saginaw conversion for a 4.0 no modification needed

    I have a 1994 4.0 v-6 and decided to do the Saginaw pump conversion. I went with the 1978-1979 F-350 Super Cab pump, part #AA1 20-6240F from RockAuto(has the aftermarket filter installed). After taking the trouble to remove the stock pump and bracket I found that the Saginaw pump fit without...
  4. kryptonitecb


    I have a 1994 4.0, M50D-R1. Previously I had come across a post about putting a np205 behind a M50D-R1 and now I can't find it. The question I have is will a NP205 bolt up to a M50D-R1? My reason for asking is that I will be putting tons under my truck soon and I want a NP205 for a driveline...