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  1. ericbphoto

    Todays weather

    Woke up this morning and it was snowing. Everything looked nice. The wind was picking up. Already had a bit more snow than they said we would get. So, I thought, "Maybe we'll get more snow and less sleet than predicted. That would be nice." By the time I got out of the shower, it was sleeping...
  2. ericbphoto

    LED's and old flasher modules

    Learned something interesting today. I have a set if LED tail/turn light assemblies that I plan on using on the new bed I'm making for the truck. So I mounted them temporarily so I can use the truck during bad weather over the next few days. Testing, I found, as expected, that the old style...
  3. ericbphoto

    New year's eve?

    Out camping with the Overlander Project and new friends. Camp is set up and the chili is heating. What's everybody else doing tonight? Ok. Not enough signal to upload pictures. I'll post them tomorrow.
  4. ericbphoto

    NOTICE TRS Calendar 2023

    Alright, folks, we are now accepting photo submissions for next year's TRS Calendar (2023 cal year). I'm not going to impose a theme. Just send them in and we'll see what we get. If we get a bunch of photos, we'll vote like last year. If not, I'll use artistic license and put something together...
  5. ericbphoto

    F150 rear wheel bearings?

    Ok. On my 97 F150, I feel like some drive train or axle noise is getting louder. Sounds like wheel bearings to me. Does not change when making sharp turns the way front wheel bearings normally do. Sounds like it's coming from rear. But we all know that can be deceiving. So I just put the rear...
  6. ericbphoto

    Windrock in Tennessee

    I'll be at Windrock Nov. 4-7. Camping at Windrock Gap Campground. Wheeling Friday and Saturday. There is a rock bouncer competition there that weekend. Will probably spend a bit of time watching that, too. If anybody wants to join me, you're welcome to. Just show up.
  7. ericbphoto

    Electrical How-To videos

    Hey, everybody. Need a bit of electrical help? We have some very knowledgeable people around here to answer your questions. But in addition to that, I have begun recording some videos that I hope you will find useful. Electricity does NOT have to be an alien voodoo magic that you avoid...
  8. ericbphoto

    Oh, bummer

    So I saw a guy post pictures of his Ranger on my local offroad park's FB page today. I commented and invited him to join us here and on our FB page. Now, just a minute ago, I see that the park owner posted a picture of him. I guess he has a 2.9l in it.
  9. ericbphoto

    Knowing when to stop.

    Well, here at Wildcat in Kentucky, there is a place called Wildcat Dome. A 2 part steep climb with sharp left turn at the top. Then it opens to a hilltop with a view for miles across the interstate and a lake. I decided to try it. I went over there. I looked at the first half if the hill and...
  10. ericbphoto

    Not funny

    My buddy at work thinks he's funny. He's selling these stickers to his Jeep friends.
  11. ericbphoto

    2009 ford flex power seat problem

    This is probably one for our service tech friends. My mom has a 2009 flex. Driver seat has a million adjustments with memory settings. I adjusted the seat back a few days ago to drive the car. And when she tried to put the seat back to her position, there is no response from any of the seat...
  12. ericbphoto

    Any of you ever visit these parks?

    So, for the trail ride, I reserved a whole week of vacation and have a few spare days earlier in the week. I'm thinking of driving part way on Tuesday. Spend a day at an offroad park on Wednesday, then drive to Badlands on Thursday. I'll probably do a bit of wheeling on my own at Badlands on...
  13. ericbphoto

    Informal trail ride. Western NC

    I plan on going to Buzzard Roost and Hurricane Creek on Saturday. Anybody that wants to join up is welcome. Buzzard Roost should be easy and takes us to a cliff overlooking the gorge that I-40 runs through just before getting to Tennessee. Those who want to do Hurricane creek, I recommend 4X4...
  14. ericbphoto

    97 F150 speedo cal

    So I got new tires on the Fun50 the other day and they are slightly smaller diameter than OEM size. 28.7” vs 29”. Is speedo calibration something I should be able to change with Forscan? 97 F150, 4.6l, 4r70? I know I bought the cable for my laptop and I’m pretty sure I already installed...
  15. ericbphoto

    Overland Challenge

    For those of you not following me on Facebook, I am at the Overland Challenge in Uwharrie National Forest, NC. Sponsored by Overland Xpeditions, BFG and others. It's a 3 day event with 15 teams of overlanders competing in many events including trail rides, skills tests and even a few silly...
  16. ericbphoto

    T-case question.

    While at the junk yard this morning, getting parts for a special invention that will be revealed at a later date, I found a Bronco II with a manual transfer case, shifter and linkage intact. I hope to go get it later this week. Just couldn't commit the time today. I would like to use it to...
  17. ericbphoto

    Bead lock thoughts and recommendations?

    I'm getting ready to buy new tires. I've pretty much made up my mind on getting BFG mud terrains. But I'm also thinking about bead lock rims if I can get some for a reasonable price. I have been airing down to 12psi for offroading, which seems to work OK. But that's pretty low for normal rims...
  18. ericbphoto

    Dang it!

    So I went for my haircut this evening. Pulled into the parking lot and turned the key off in my Fun50. Something snapped, engine stopped, but everything still turned on - I have indicator lights, radio, everything works like the key is in "run". Key spins through all positions with no...
  19. ericbphoto

    NOTICE TRS Calendar 2022

    Alright, folks. Sorry I'm starting this late. But I know Y'all will come through. Now accepting photo submissions for next year's TRS Calendar. I'm not going to impose a theme. Just send them in and we'll see what we get. If we get a bunch of photos, we'll vote like last year. If not, I'll use...
  20. ericbphoto

    Have any of you...

    Ever participated in 4x4 games? A co-worker (the Jeep guy) alerted me to a "tennis ball challenge" happening at a nearby ORV Park over Presidents Day weekend. I'm going to try to go. The general premise is; they set up a course on a trail(s). Along the course are 4 traffic cones. You must...