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  1. dangerranger94

    Has anyone heard of a m5od goin out on ya?

    My tranny just went out. i thought they was indestructable. it will go in every gear but it grinds. doin a tranny swap tonight with another m5od.
  2. dangerranger94

    abs light blinks

    ive got a 94 xlt ext cab 4.0 5 speed and my abs light blinks. my main rear brake line rusted in 2. i replaced that and my abs light stayed on. the past few day it started blinking. about every 11 or 12 time it blinks it stays on for 2 seconds. my tail light fuse keeps blowing and i think thats...
  3. dangerranger94

    my 94 ranger build

    my 94 ranger build with piics up i have been workn on my ranger. i have replaced shackles made a gasket for the diff cover and putn a new transnission in. il get pics up tomarrow. not many before pics but i havent done much. old tranny didnt have any with old shackles or brackets new shocks...
  4. dangerranger94

    super lift good or bad?

    ive been looking to see if the 5.5" superlift comes with shocks. ive searched and cant find out anythang. also is this a good purchase http://broncograveyard.com/bronco/i-83864-5-5-inch-standard-superunner-lift-kit.html if not what would be with extended radius arms. im on a tight budget so...
  5. dangerranger94

    bad news and good.

    well i went to the exhaust shop today got a nice system and noticed while it was on the stilts that my rear hangers and shackles has rusted and broke off both sides. its so rusty you can stick your hand through the frame. my question is how much would just the beltech shackles lift it? or should...
  6. dangerranger94

    could i make a 2x4 a 4x4?

    ok i was wanting to know if i could take my truck which is 4x4 and put the axles under the 2x4. my buddy has a 96 ranger 2x4 ext cab like mine just newer and 2x4 with 160,000 or so miles 5 speed 2.3 or somethan. he wants 600. it has lil rust under it. could i take my motor tranny axles on it? my...
  7. dangerranger94

    pic request of gen 3 rangers with 4" lift and 33" tires

    im looking to do my truck this way just need some ideas.
  8. dangerranger94

    rear lift with 64" leaf question

    i was wondering if i had to move the front hanger foward 6 inches like plumcrazy or could i leave it where it is? which would i get more lift out of? i know i will need lowerin shackles.
  9. dangerranger94

    tire fitment??

    i was woderin will my 235/75 15 tires fit on 15x8. it would be temporary tilll i get my 35's??
  10. dangerranger94

    wheel and tire ??'s

    will 35 12.50 15 tires fit on 15x8 rims? its my dd and weekend rig.
  11. dangerranger94

    how to get pictures on here?? i stumped

    nevermind i got it
  12. dangerranger94

    4x4 low dont kick in

    i have a 94 ranger and its got the electric 4x4 switch. 4x4 high will go in but low ranger want. when i push the low range button it turns off the 4x4. how do i get my trck in low range:sad:
  13. dangerranger94

    ceap lift

    im wanting to put 35's under my 94 ranger 4.0 ext cab 5 speed 4x4. what all will have to be done and what gears wiould i have to run? im on a tight budget. i will do all the work myself.
  14. dangerranger94

    lifting my truck

    Hey im new to this forum. i have a 1994 ranger ext. cab 4.0 4x4 5 speed. i have done alot off work to this truck and was wondering how much lift to fit 35's. im a a limited budget. i do all the work my self. thanx