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  1. 4.0 SOHC spark plug.. Here ya go Bob!

    Taken with my Cannon 40D.. I had a wide angle lens on it this morning and didn't bother to change lens. This is the Motorcraft plug of choice for the SOHC. Notice the box has both the original plug number and also the new Motorcraft number on it. [/IMG] Big JIm:hottubfun::wub:
  2. Had to go get my son!

    Son's 3.0 99 Ranger with a rebuilt coolant pump failed on the hiway.. The pump is quirting coolant out the drip hole.. I never saw one go away and lose so much coolant so quickly. He called and I took the bobcat trailer to load her up and bring her home. So there it sits in the shop waiting...
  3. Somebody that knows 98/00 front hubs please answer

    The c-clips that hold the axle in the hub... I got a pair today and they are PLASTIC! Is plastic NORMAL? Do all of these vac hubs have a PLASTIC c-ring holding the axle in the hub?? Please give an experienced answer. Big JIm :rolleyes:
  4. Well I received a pair of 99 CV axles

    and hubs but didn't get the C-clips that hold the end of the axle in the hub.. Anyone got an extra pair? Big JIm :icon_thumby:
  5. 99 CV axle

    I received my cv axles this week but TELLICO sent my lockout hubs to a California address and I won't get MINE till next week.. QUESTION: I didn't get the "C" clips for the outside ends of the axles.. Ford wants 20 bucks apiece for them and they aren't even in my state.. Does ANYONE know the...
  6. 2002 FX-4 front driveshaft

    Please! What is the doohicky on the front driveshaft next to the transfercase? It appears to have the driveshaft coming out of it at an angle and not straight away. Is it some kind of fancy U-joint? Is it replaceable? Does the fluid run out of the transfercase when it is pulled? I can LIFT...
  7. Thanks guys

    This morning I will check the driveshaft with the extended tape measure.. I'll also check the motor mounts. Sometimes the mounts are deceiving to look at. But upon thinking about it a while I seem to remember there is some unusual play when powering like maybe the off side mount might be...
  8. 60 mph vibration..???

    02 Ranger with fx4 level 2 suspinsion.. Yes I know it wasn't named anything but 4X4 but it is all there anyway. Problem is vibration at about 60 mph. It is worse when on level ground with steady power.. Upon depressing the clutch pedal the vibration stops! The vehicle glides along great.. Then...