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  1. Roert42

    Tech Library dead link?

    https://www.therangerstation.com/tech/engines-fuel-systems/ go here and click on "Ford Ranger Exhaust Guide " just reloads the page does not redirect anywhere.
  2. Roert42

    How much does the bed weigh?

    Does anyone know about how much a regular steel bed weighs? I know their not that heavy, but I am considering buying building a utility body for my 4x4. It'll be heavier for sure, but I want to try not to add too much weight and throw the suspension off/ eat up all my gvwr. Utility body is not...
  3. Roert42

    What to do about wet locations?

    What do you guys do a about moisture and humidity in your shops/ garages? It’s always crazy humid here, and sometimes when we get a bad rain I get water running through my shop. Everything is always mold on it or getting rusty just from sitting out. Hell, my truck started getting moldy just...
  4. Roert42

    83 Ranger, Factory diesel, manual trans

  5. Roert42

    ‘77 F150 Explorer

    https://allentown.craigslist.org/cto/d/bethlehem-1977-ford-f150-2wd-regular/7347166163.html Really sweet truck.
  6. Roert42

    8.8 Front vs 8.8 Rear

    Why is it a bad idea to use gears specked for a 8.8 solid rear in an 8.8 IFS? Are they the same or what reverse cut? First time I've regeared a front diff, so I am a little turned around.
  7. Roert42

    The Great American Classic

    Behold, the most common vehicle in America. The rusty v6 mustang that just refuses to die.
  8. Roert42

    2 Door 1992 Ford Explorer 4x4 auto, $500

    https://allentown.craigslist.org/cto/d/east-texas-1992-ford-explorer-obo/7309039478.html Found this on Craigslist this morning. Might be worth the $500 just for the console and the Wheels.
  9. Roert42

    Straight, rust free 90' short box

    https://scranton.craigslist.org/pts/d/mifflinville-1990-ford-ranger-super-cab/7275900617.html I was browsing Craigslist and was supprised at the condition of this bed. Thought someone might find this useful.
  10. Roert42

    1988 ford ranger extended cab cap 4x4 low miles v6 - $750

    https://reading.craigslist.org/cto/d/narvon-ford-ranger-extended-cab-cap-4x4/7253584102.html Not mine, just seen it.
  11. Roert42

    For Sale (4) 14’ Deer Hoof Wheels with Hankook Mileage Plus tires

    I bought these today without realizing they were ‘14 wheels, I thought they were ‘15, and they do not fit over my calipers. They are off a ‘96 if that makes a difference. The tires ok, has some tread left. The clear on the wheels is pealing around the center. $200 is what I paid for the set...
  12. Roert42

    92 4.0, parting out SE Pa

    https://philadelphia.craigslist.org/wto/d/southampton-92-ford-ranger-parts/7245670519.html Found this earlier, frame looks really solid also some solid body panels.
  13. Roert42

    This place is a bad influence.

    I came here for some simple information about suggestions on maintenance items on my Ford Ranger. Got lored in by pickle and dumpster memes. Decided it was a good idea to super charge a Ford ranger. Now I have two of these things because I wanted to 4 wheel drive stuff like the cool kids
  14. Roert42

    2002 B4000 4X4 $850, needs rebuild trans

  15. Roert42

    Running 88 BII for $750

    https://allentown.craigslist.org/cto/d/pennsburg-88-ford-bronco-ii/7223344754.html Found this on Craigslist
  16. Roert42


  17. Roert42

    Ford Trac-Lok vs Eaton Posi differentials

    Does anyone have any options on these? What one you like better? I'm looking online for a 28spline LSD for my 8.8. Summit and Jegs seem to seem to have a lot of options for the Eaton Posi style, but no ford style. Doesn't look like summit even sell the ford racing Track-Lok w/ 31 spline...
  18. Roert42

    For Sale 8.8 3.37 w/ open carrier and gears

    Pulled it out of my F-150 with 215,000 miles No problems, just wanted an LSD with 3.55. I can post pics if you want. Free to anyone doing something stupid with it. If not, I’ll take your best offer. I will give you a receipt for -$100 if it goes into a Lemons car.
  19. Roert42

    Work Safe

    Don’t try and trim your fingernails with a belt sander. Just glad I decided not to wear gloves. Complacency is the word of the day.
  20. Roert42

    Broken fitting Iden