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  1. Reaper1354

    South Jersey Engine Swap help?

    Hey, I live in Vineland, NJ. Been a ranger owner for quite sometime, family has had this ranger since 2001. It's a 1997 4.0 auto rwd. The engine is tired and hurting, so I want to swap an Explorer 5.0 in this bad boy. I was wondering if anyone in the area could give me help/advice on tackling...
  2. Reaper1354

    1997 ranger 5.0 questions

    I am new to the swap game, and have some questions involving a 5.0 swap, it's somewhat difficult to find all my specific questions. I currently have a 1997 4.0 rwd ranger. Automatic. Just wondering which year explorer motor and trans would be best. What years would be easier? Don't some years...
  3. Reaper1354

    Transmission upgrade?

    Just curious as to the best transmission I could use. I currently have the 4.0 ohv in my 97 ranger auto. I will being a swap with a sohc from an explorer (1997-2000) and was wondering what transmission I should use, considering that it is a daily driver and I WILL be adding more power down the...
  4. Reaper1354

    Engine rebuild shops in South Jersey?

    Just wondering cause my 97 ranger 4.0 needs one. She's only got 189k but a thrust bearing or something similar is causing a knock, so I want to get her back to 110% as soon as possible. Thanks!
  5. Reaper1354

    High flow cat hp increase?

    Just curious. I'm redoing my entire exhaust system, and wanted to know how much more hp I'm getting. I'm not expecting a whole lot but I'm curious as to how much. I'm getting pacesetter shorty style headers, replacing my 2 stock cars for 1 highflow cat, and having a single inlet, dual outlet...
  6. Reaper1354

    What tips to use?

    I am doing my entire exhaust system. Getting PaceSetter shorty headers along with a high flow cat and a super 10 series muffler. 2.5 in until muffler, splits into dual 2.25 inch. What tips should I use that will help me get a deep and throaty sound on my 97 4.0? And what size should they be also?
  7. Reaper1354

    Rear main seal replacement cost?

    So my 97 ranger 4.0 is leaking at the rear main seal. I was told that this was due to play in the crankshaft which is also causing a knock. Now I know my mechanic said it was a knock but I don't haveany symptoms of a knock, i.e. Economy loss, power loss, metal shaving in oil, etc. so I'm...
  8. Reaper1354

    Dual exhaust questions for the 97 4.0

    So I currently have the stock exhaust on my 1997 ranger 4.0 supercab. I have several questions if others don't mind answering them. If I get aftermarket cats, would I need 2 or would 1 be able to work and still pass inspection? If I want dual exhaust would i be able to run it off both sides or...
  9. Reaper1354

    Mods for the 4.0 under budget?

    Trying to build my 4.0 a little better. I only have about a grand or so I can spare to put in and would like to know what I can do. I'm looking to keep it a daily driver and I would be happy if I could get anywhere between 230-250 hp. I've heard the most used way to get more hp is by using a...
  10. Reaper1354

    Any good shops in South Jersey?

    Trying to do some things to my 97 including conversions that I can't do myself. These include engine and trans swap, along with a auto to manual swap. Anyone know a place I can go to get this done that's good? I'm in South Jersey, more notably the Cumberland County Region. I appreciate any help...
  11. Reaper1354

    4.0 truck weight?

    How much does a 4.0 engine weight? All dressed up and what not. And how much would my truck weight generally? I have a 97 4.0 2wd auto supercab Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Reaper1354


    Just curious as too wondering of a instrument cluster with a tach would fit into my ranger w/o one, assuming they are the same engine option. Also, curious as too if my instrument cluster would still work if I decided to swap my 4.0 with a 5.0 from an explorer down the road. Thanks Sent from...
  13. Reaper1354

    Easy v8 swap?

    Trying to go for a swap that will be easier to do. What would be the engine that needs less modification to fit my 97 4.0 ranger? It's rwd and AOD. Maybe the 4.6 or 5.0? I'm looking for something that will give me the power I want but won't make the gas mileage do terrible. On average I'm...
  14. Reaper1354

    Best gear swap for the 4.0s?

    Just curious. It's stock now but I plan on giving it more power. Not going over board as it is a DD but def gonna get more. What would be the best rear gear I could get that would give me more of a kick but wouldn't be bad on the highway say I'm cruising at about 65. Thanks Sent from my...
  15. Reaper1354

    Stroking the 4.0?

    Just wondering on your thoughts. It's a 97 ranger and with 185k auto and it does need a rebuild. I currently have a knock due to play in current crankshaft, although its not bad, there is no shavings or anything so it will need to be fixed. So i figured why not try to add some performance while...