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  1. 982WDRanger

    coil tower question on full high pinion dana 44

    I'd build your own bro. There are nice ones out there but its $$! I built my own out of 3/16" plate. Running 10in of lift had no issues.
  2. 982WDRanger

    My 1969 Ford F250 Project

    My first street rod is my new project. Getting a 1969 Ford F-250. No motor, junk trans but it is cherry! Dropping a built 396, C-6, Dana 60 Rear....other due dads. Will post up more when it gets here. Any help would be nice.
  3. 982WDRanger

    SAS HOW-To?

    Hey, I hear ya on not having what you want out o your rig. I just did an SAS in May. Read my build thread, give you an idea of what you will need and how much work your looking at to be doing.
  4. 982WDRanger

    Clicking Noise, No Start?

    So I finished up beefing my tract-bar mounts today, tightened down all my suspension components and was going to take her out on a trail to she how she goes since I just did my first SAS. Got in and turned the key, nothing.....tried again....nothing. Had no lights, dash lights, check engine...
  5. 982WDRanger

    I have a lift

    I have 3" lift spindles off my 98 2wd IFS ranger. Should bolt right in you truck, if your interested! $100.
  6. 982WDRanger

    Dana 30 Pinion Preload Issue!

    So I finished up re-gearing my Dana 30 the other day after hours of pulling the pinion in and out to get the depth and preload correct. Finally got an awesome patter and a good number on the preload, so I tore it all down cleaned it all up, put in my new inner pinion race and bearings, installed...
  7. 982WDRanger

    Best Axle Swap

    Just wanted to get the ball rolling on seeing what people think and what people suggest just to see what is what. I like to get a view of what people are going for, just what they would build up there rig to do. I'm currently building my truck up with a Dana 30 and a 8.8. Its my DD and...
  8. 982WDRanger

    Best Axle Swap

    Budget and Uses For the swap you be building a street worthy trail runner. Go as extreme as you please. Budget...? Depends on how much you want to cry when you break stuff:icon_rofl: But on a serious note, go for a budget build. Say $5000 that's including gears, suspension, axles...etc
  9. 982WDRanger

    Best Axle Swap

    What is the best SAS set up? All opinions are appreciated. Dana 30: Dana 44: Dana 60: Rockwell: What suspension type as well? Coils: Leafs: 4-Link:
  10. 982WDRanger

    Dana 30 E-locker issues...?

    I am installing a Eaton e-locker in my HP Dana 30 soon and I have some issues I need some information on. From what I have read I need different bearings from the ones that come in the install kit with my gears. I need LM102949 bearings and LM102911 races for the carrier. For what I have seen...
  11. 982WDRanger

    Guys in New York State

    Hey, Trevor here(982wdranger), just wanted to shout out to all the guys on here in NYS. Would like to arrange a ranger meet sometime this summer maybe. Be nice to meet some new ranger guys, see new rigs and people. If interested feel free to pm me or fallow this thread. Thanks.:icon_thumby:
  12. 982WDRanger

    98 Ranger recieving a 97 5.0L?

    I currently own a 98 Ford Ranger that I am SAS'ing and a 1997 Explorer 5.0L AWD:headbang:. Next year I want to do a heart transplant from the explorer to my ranger. Has anyone done this before? Should i try and turn the 97 engine into a 98? I have to hole explorer to use or just swap what I...
  13. 982WDRanger

    My Dana 30 SAS

    My truck back in 2008. [/IMG] This is my first big project since my motor swap back in September 2011. Had a 2.5L went to a built and bored 4.0L. I will be starting a Dana 30 SAS and an 8.8 swap. Doing the whole nine yards, suspension, brakes, wheels and tires, steering....all new and hd...
  14. 982WDRanger

    Haven't been on in awhile...

    My name is Trevor and I have been a TRS member for a bit now but really haven't been sharing what I have been up too. I use this site a lot to help myself and other ranger owners to do what they are trying to accomplish to their RVB's. I am going to be doing a SAS this may on my 98, and I am...
  15. 982WDRanger

    98 2.5l --> 4.0l ??

    I'm currently doing a 4.0L swap in my 98 Ranger 2wd with IFS. I need to know what I am going to need for motor mounts' I have the block side mounts off my donor motor which a 95 4.0L OHV. I would like to find out if I can use my existing frame motor mounts and the engine side motor mounts on my...
  16. 982WDRanger

    Chooseing the Right Wheel

    I'm currently going to be putting bigger wheels on my truck. I am going up to a 33x12.50R16. I want some input on what width I should use, 16x8 or 16x10. I have head both work but which is better. I don't go wheeling all the time just once and awhile. So please let me know.