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  1. Ozwynn

    I bought my gf an rc

    I got my gf an rc for Christmas. Just a cheap thing for $90. Has 1 motor on each axle and came with this junk Ni-Hi battery pack made from 6x 1.2v AA batteries with a 40 min run time and a 5-6 hour recharge time. My question is can I replace the battery pack with 2x 18650 3.2v lithium batteries...
  2. Ozwynn

    How much rustolium

    How much rustolium do I need to paint the new tailgate for my 97 F150?
  3. Ozwynn

    AC help with my Jeep

    since nobody has answered in the Jeep forum, I will ask here. Anybody in here that’s a mopar mechanic that would have the specs for the AC system on a 2008 Grand Cherokee 4.7L? like what to vacuum it down to over how many minutes and how long does it need to hold vacuum? How much Freon...
  4. Ozwynn

    TRS but for grand cherokee

    Hi fam... I need a Grand Cherokee forum that is like TRS with a tech library. I am registered on a few JGC forums and they all suck. I’ve said it before, “while I have not seen all of the internet, I’m pretty sure TRS is the best website out there” And before you say just trade it in for a...
  5. Ozwynn

    Victimized by tire shiners

    When I bought my Jeep, they shined the tires with WD40. Just had the sidewall on one of my tires blow out at 80mph... don’t shine your tires with wd40...
  6. Ozwynn

    Bought a Jeep

    I went to the dark side and bought an ‘08 Grand Cherokee limited. 4.7l, all stock. Full time 4wd. Gotta say... it took trails that my ‘91 Explorer would’ve struggled with and my Explorer had bigger tires, more ground clearance, and trac loc .... That being said... this is my daily driver so...
  7. Ozwynn

    2008 Kia

    I just bought this yesterday. A 2008 Kia Sedona. On the test drive I drove it hard for 60 miles trying to force deleted codes to pop up (common practice for dealerships to delete codes for the inspection). I didn’t get any codes and after dickering on the price I drove it home for $3500. On...
  8. Ozwynn

    My V65 Magna

    this is the 84 V65 Magna I bought for $100 in April 2018. I put a battery, handlebars, grips, tires, and brakes on it to get it road worthy and road it like this for 9 months, approx 9000 miles last Thursday I added new KTM extendable mirrors and today I rode 180 miles round trip in...
  9. Ozwynn


    How do I change my username without losing all my stats?
  10. Ozwynn

    Still starving for fuel

    On my F150 I pulled the injectors out, soaked them in a bucket of gumout injector cleaner over night and cleaned them. hooked them up to power to make sure they click. reinstalled with new o-rings, changed the fuel filer and have run 3 tanks through both tanks with lucas fuel system cleaner. I...
  11. Ozwynn

    Just checking in

    Just checking in. How’s everybody doing? I’m still riding my V65 Magna to work every day because some days my truck runs and some days it doesn’t. Seems to be completely random. The rear fuel pump dies randomly. I did drive it 200 miles on the 12yo gas in the front tank. Ran 5gal of fresh gas...
  12. Ozwynn

    I may be done

    I may be done with building trucks and cars. Having to put my V65 Magna back together from scratch has re-inighted my passion for motorcycles. I have a daily driver quality bike that get 32mpg with me cruising at 80-90 mph with pulls into the 100mph range (125 on my way to work this morning)...
  13. Ozwynn

    1000 Mile review, Dodge Dart Rallye

    I am not going to go into the details on the reasons we filed Bankruptcy except it was all medical bills..... Like over $100,000 for surgeries and cancer treatments that wasn't covered by insurance over the last 5 years. Since I needed something to make payments on I decided to buy a new car...
  14. Ozwynn

    Lets play a game.....

    Somebody gives you a Free 1992 Suzuki Samauri with no engine or transmission/transfercase...... You can only build it with Ford Ranger parts or parts commonly associated with a Ford Ranger SAS or lift or...... what do you build
  15. Ozwynn

    Reasons why I love my daughters

    Me: so Tiana and I were walking through the winnco parking lot and she has a geekgasm over a starwars sticker on a car. I said "you know, when you guys were kids we didn't force our religion on you because we wanted to to make up your own minds. We raised you right, gave you all the available...
  16. Ozwynn

    Revenge of the 5th

    Join me in celebrating Revenge of the 5th
  17. Ozwynn

    1983 Honda Magna V65

    I bought this bike and a parts bike for $100. She sat for the last 8 months and today I put fresh gas in her and she fired right up https://youtu.be/XtEqgmg6WUs
  18. Ozwynn

    Autozone Distributors PSA

    I didnt know where to put this ******PSA****** For those not in the know. If you buy a distributor with a cast iron gear from autozone make sure they give you the correct TFI module. I was supposed to have a gray TFI module and my distributor came with a black one. While gray and black are...
  19. Ozwynn

    Running with 3g alternator

    Running with billet smog pump eliminator and 3g alternator. Smog pump eliminator fit like it was supposed to and this one from LMR came with a billet aluminum pulley. Didn’t have to find a shorter belt or get pipe plugs or nothing..... I do need to replace the belt because it’s old and it slips...
  20. Ozwynn

    The next think to break

    1990 F150 4x2 5.0l 5spd Next thing to break is going to be the smog pump. I just want to delete it with a proform 68110 smog pump eliminator. My question is where do the hoses on the smog pump go and can I just plug the hoses instead of plugging the holes left in the head when the hoses are...