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  1. stmitch

    Size comparison: New Ranger vs 2008 Rangers

    Just saw this elsewhere on the internet and found it interesting. Nothing that we didn't really know, but it's a cool visual reference for the future. And related:
  2. stmitch

    Ranger Raptor officially revealed

    This only applies to the Asia-pacific market right now, but they say there is more news on the way regarding a North American release. https://jalopnik.com/the-2019-ford-raptor-ranger-is-your-diesel-off-road-per-1822794130 All new 2.0L Diesel that makes 210hp and 369ft-lbs. 10 speed auto trans...
  3. stmitch

    Has anybody found a decent heater control valve?

    My 01 Duratec truck seems to chew through them like candy. The Duratec seems to run a bit hotter than other Ranger engines, so maybe it just comes with the territory, but I've been replacing them about once every 12 months (roughly 12,000 miles). Motorcraft parts tend to last a bit longer, but...
  4. stmitch

    Anybody had ignition lock cylinder problems?

    Jumped into my 01 after work today and the key wouldn't turn. I messed with it quite a bit and couldn't get it to budge. Using some very basic tools that I happened to have on me, I was able to remove the lock cylinder completely, and eventually free it up enough to turn the truck on when it was...
  5. stmitch

    Lets talk about an unusual starting issue

    Vehicle: 2001 Ranger 2.3L/5 spd with 125000 miles Problem: The truck recently sat for about 4 weeks. When I went to start it, it just clicked like the battery was dead. I checked the battery, and it was low, so I charged the battery and everything seemed normal. Cranked and fired right away. I...
  6. stmitch

    What to do with VSS during axle swap

    So I've got an axle upgrade sitting here that would work pretty well in my truck, but the factory rear (2000 7.5inch) has the VSS located on the dif, and the new axle has no provision for this. Looking for some general ideas on how to get around this. I'm sure others here have been in similar...
  7. stmitch

    Anybody using a Catch Can?

    Factory PCV sucks with the Whipple. The supercharger syphons oil into the intake, which is something I'd like to avoid. I'm struggling to think of good mounting locations for a catch can since the drivers side of the firewall is pretty full (brake booster, steering shaft, clutch master...
  8. stmitch

    Duratec spitting #3 spark plug?

    Driving the 01 home last night and it suddenly started to sputter pretty badly. Pulled over and found #3 plug sitting in the valve cover. The plugs are about a year old, and the threads don't appear to be damaged. It tightened back in normally, and I drove it home. The same thing happened about...
  9. stmitch

    Ported and Polished Cylinder heads

    Been working on a performance engine rebuild of my 3.0 for awhile now. Just got the heads finished, and I thought I'd post a link here to the pics for those who might be interested. Check page 7 of this thread: http://www.therangerstation.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1287357#post1287357
  10. stmitch

    Ported/Polished lower intake manifold

    Just wanted to post some before and after pics incase anyone was interested. I gasket matched the ports as deep as I could, and focused on smoothing and straightening the truns as much as I could. I took some measurements, and the round intake ports were increasaed in area 15%, while the...
  11. stmitch

    Pics of my rig

    Been a member for awhile, but I haven't really put any pics up. Thought it was time. Let me know what you think! Truck stats: Truck: 2000 Ford Ranger 2WD Oxford White Engine: 3.0 Flex Fuel with 4 piece underdrive pulley set, MAC intake, Gibson exhaust, and 03 Ranger e-fan conversion...
  12. stmitch

    Hello from Indy!

    Hey guys! I've been lurking here for awhile, and decided to make an account finally. You've got a lot of info here. I'll have my hands full with the search button for awhile! Do we have any other members from Indiana?