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  1. For Sale Cooper 37 x 12.50r 17" ST maxx tires Set of FOUR $400 NEED GONE NOW!

    Picked these up to put on my truck, but found out that these tires are to big for my Ford Ranger and would end up breaking my tiny Dana 28 axles. So I have to go another route, just trying to cut my losses. I will try my best to answer any questions about the tires to the best of my ability...
  2. Wanted Brake master cylinder plug connector

    I need this plug for the dummy low fluid light that plugs into the brake master cylinder. I need the plug with enough wiring to splice it into my harness. Thanks
  3. Wanted Need rocker panels!!! sheet metal

    Need for someone willing to cut the some sheet metal for me. For my 1988 Ranger standard cab. I need both the driver and the passenger side. Also looking for the more "rear" part of the drivers side floor panel towards the back of the seat to the rear little "hump" for the rear cab as well.
  4. Wanted 1st gen front fenders, doors near mind to very good cond. Around New England area

    Looking for a pair of very good cond no rust front fenders, and a set of doors for my 1988 Ranger standard cab. It would be AWESOME if they were already sanded down or primer. But I know that's a long shot. I live in Western Massachusetts. So the closer to me the better. I already know who sells...
  5. For Sale 1st gen Ford Ranger parts New 2.9L distributor caps, New dis rotor, headlight off road bulbs and assemblies, 2.9L wires.

    Cleaning out the garage. I have some NEW distributor caps and a NEW distributor rotor. It looks like new light bulbs, they have been sitting in the tool box don't think I ever used them. Some spare spark plug wires, aftermarket angel eye headlight assemblies for aftermarket hid bulbs or whatever.
  6. Wanted fresh/rebuilt or super low mile 2.9 or complete v8 swap or VW deisel or Toyota hilux deisel swap

    In the market for a (new) rebuilt 2.9 motor. I'll buy a set of complete loaded heads fresh rebuild. Or a entire fresh motor for the right price. Or super low miles with ZERO leaks with GOOD compression good to go engine. I'm even open to V8 swaps if it is a complete kit with motor mounts, wiring...
  7. Wanted 6' bed for 1st gen Ranger around New England area

    Hello I am in the market for a 6' bed with close to ZERO rust around the New England area. I am located in Western Massachusetts. Thanks.
  8. Wanted 4" lift leaf springs

    Anyone have a set of 4" lift leaf springs that they are willing to sell?
  9. Wanted Any diesel Rangers in New England?

    Still on the look out for a diesel ranger in the New England area. Mostly want just the motor, wiring harness and door decals etc. Pretty much parts needed for the swap. I am looking for a diesel or a turbo diesel. Thank you.
  10. Upgraded steering kit that is close to the old superlift superrunner kits??

    Does anyone know of a manufacture that has a kit close to the old Superlift Superunner Steering kit sup1134? https://www.therangerstation.com/ford-ranger-off-road-product-guide/suspension-accessories-1983-2011-ford-ranger-4x4/ Or know of a place that sells something close to these shocks and...
  11. For Sale Ford, Mazda, Honda aftermarket steering wheel hub adaptor

    Brought this for my truck and never ended up using it. $10 bucks if you pick it up locally. Add shipping if you aren't local.
  12. Wanted Upgraded 140amp alternator for 2.9 ranger.

    Looking for a bigger alternator, to replace the stock alternator. I have a 2.9L first gen ranger. Thanks
  13. Wanted 1st gen 4wd front & rear sway bar

    Looking for a front and rear sway bar for a 88 4wd ranger. Thanks
  14. Which camber degree bushing should I after 2" leveling block install

    Hello, just wondering what degree camber I should get after I install 2" leveling kits (the block in the front) with new stock ride coil springs. Thanks
  15. Steering column upgrade options?

    Hello everyone. I've been trying to find a good upgrade or better swap stiffer for the sloppy steering column on the 1st gen rangers. I been searching around and haven't found much. Yes the rest of my steering system is fine, YES I know about the adjustment screw on the power steering gearbox...
  16. Wanted 1st gen fender flares or fenders stock or wider aftermarket

    Just as the title states, I'm looking for either fender flares, or stock fenders or wide body aftermarket fenders. I am fixing the rust to pass inspection. I have a 1988 ranger. And live in Western Massachusetts. Thanks
  17. Wanted Need a ton of 1st gen parts

    For the bigger parts I would prefer local-ish people to meet to pick it up. I live in Springfield Ma Brake master cly level sensor pigtail connector with wiring Fenders stock or aftermarket Coil spring brackets zero rust or new Doors please no rust floor pans, cab mounts, cab corner, cab support...
  18. need ASAP! Manual steering column in great shape.

    Steering column in great shape. Would like to buy one asap, please. I have a 88 2.9 5spd Ranger.
  19. Master techs and experts, solve this head scratcher!??

    Okay, well I've been having issues with my truck for years now. As some may remember my truck was heavily vandalized by a group of students at my old college. Fast forward three almost 4 years later. I have gotten it back to being derivable. But it still have a strange problem that I can't...
  20. 2.9 after everything that I've been through still nothing.

    I've been having a hell of a time with my ranger. Short story, I was a victim of a hate crime at my college and my truck was vandalized at school by social justice warrior students, who thought the truck was owned by someone, who turned out to not be the case. They based their assumptions off of...