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  1. sebastian323

    DIY alignment vs. shop alignment

    My truck seems to drive pretty straight without much correction, but the steering wheel sits at an angle if I want to go straight. Can i take the steering wheel off and rotate it by a few splines as a quick remedy to the problem ?
  2. sebastian323

    steering pump noise

    My truck has a constant whine from the power steering pump, but the steering wheel is in no way hard to turn. Would replacing the pump be the only fix? Is there some sort of o-ring or seal which I can use to remedy this problem?
  3. sebastian323

    Removing carpet - will the floor beneath be readily washable

    I am thinking of pulling the carpet (its filthy and old) from my 1996 extended cab. I wonder if the floor beneath will be readily washable or if there some sort of wires I need to protect. What are the downsides of pulling the carpet ( I assume it gets colder in the cabin)
  4. sebastian323

    How to remove front axles -1996 4x4 Locking Hubs?

    Is there a way to take the clamps on the boot off and re-use them without breaking them or should I go ahead and break them and replace ?
  5. sebastian323

    abs speed sensor shield kit

    i am actually stuck taking this ABS shield part of my truck right now. any idea what size the bolt to remove it was ? Mine is very rusted and want ot have the exact size so I don't round off the bolt head
  6. sebastian323

    abs speed sensor shield kit

    I am familiar with the part. I would suggest picking them up at a local junkyard or looking for someone parting out a truck on facebook marketplace that is willing to ship them to you. Any idea what size bolt holds them on to the knuckle ? From my research it seems to be a 6mm 12 pt , but mine...
  7. sebastian323

    How to remove front axles -1996 4x4 Locking Hubs?

    I managed to get the wheel bearing lock nuts off using a 22$ dana44 wheel bearing nut socket from autozone. thanks for the advice so far! I am now stuck getting off the wheel speed sensor setup. It seems I need to pull this off to get the spindle off. There are two small bolts, both of which I...
  8. sebastian323

    How to remove front axles -1996 4x4 Locking Hubs?

    I imagine its an internal c-clip and i just need to pull/ pry it off to remove it ? I imagine its a c-clip sort of like this one: Also how much torque should I use for the spindle nuts ? Should I just get them good and tight ?
  9. sebastian323

    Cab swap on a 1996 4x4

    Would a 1990 ranger extended cab or lets say a newer 2005 cab fit onto the same frame as the 1996 ? I would transfer over the dash, steering column and electronics from my truck
  10. sebastian323

    How to remove front axles -1996 4x4 Locking Hubs?

    I have a 1996 ranger manual trans, 4x4 with locking hubs. I want to remove the axles so I can pull the front diff to reseal it. I took off the hub lockers, and behind that there seem to be two nuts that have a sort of slotted drive . I imagine I need a special socket to remove these. Any idea...
  11. sebastian323

    Anyone interested in a Dana 35 TTB E-clip eliminator spring...

    any idea where I can find this spring in 2021 ?
  12. sebastian323

    Front Diff. Leak

    I looked into the c-clip delete and it looks like I need a special spring to replace the c-clips. Any idea where I can buy this one ?
  13. sebastian323

    Trouble installing front spring on 1996 4x4 Ranger - is a spring compressor needed?

    I succesfully got the springs in. I used a combination of a spring compressor and having a friend step on the hub lockers to bring the control arm down. I used the spring compressor just to get the spring roughly in place, and then removed the compressors to fully install them.
  14. sebastian323

    Trouble installing front spring on 1996 4x4 Ranger - is a spring compressor needed?

    okay . right now I am only one person so I may have to go the pipe route. I will give it a shot when I get home from work. You think a spring compressor will work as I do have that one one hand.
  15. sebastian323

    Trouble installing front spring on 1996 4x4 Ranger - is a spring compressor needed?

    Hello, I am installing a set of leveling springs (+1.5 inches) on my 1996 4x4 Ranger. I currently have managed to extract the old spring. However, I am having trouble slipping the new springs in. So far I have removed the shocks, the sway bar end links, the old coil spring, and the tie rod ball...
  16. sebastian323

    Swapping a 2007-2011 steering wheel into my 1996 XLT

    So it appears the 2007-11 wheel will bolt up to my 1996 truck. I am wondering if the cruise control buttons/ wiring will be compatible. I read the airbag in the 2007+ trucks are double stage, and that you need to select one of the airbag stages to run in a single stage airbag older truck...
  17. sebastian323

    Change clutch forks on M50D-R1 without dropping transmission - 1996 XLT

    My friend recently changed the M50D-R2 clutch forks in his 1991 ford f150 by removing an access panel in the cabin. I am wondering if I can do the same on my M50D-R1 in my 1996 xlt 4x4. Also is there much difference in the floor pan between a 1996 2wd and 4x4 ranger extended cab.
  18. sebastian323

    Manual transmission hard to shift when engine is on

    The other day i put the truck in 4LOW and after returning to 2High, the gears became noticeably easier to shift. Its not perfect ,but much better. perhaps the 4wd selector was not engaged all the way.
  19. sebastian323

    Clutch ruined because of shift fork?

    I take it is possible to change the shift forks on the M50D without removing the transmission from the vehicle ?
  20. sebastian323

    Front Diff. Leak

    This sounds about right. I imagine at minimum I must remove the axles, which it seems may be easier to pull while the shocks and coil springs are removed.