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  1. CountryDriven

    2 row full aluminum radiatior

    What do y'all think of this radiator for my v8 swap? Would this radiator be better than the explorer 2 core? I really don't want to have any worry's about overheating so tell me y'all's opinions...
  2. CountryDriven

    Anybody know how to diagnose a faulty temperature gauge?

    My temperature gauge on my truck moves spontaneously, like it has a mind of its own. It goes from C at start up, all the way to H in a second, back to C, repeats this process but as it warms up the it goes from the "normal" to H. After awhile of driving its mostly on H and rarely comes down...
  3. CountryDriven

    Truck Leaning BAD after off-roading...

    Well Recently me and the guys went out off-roading, and yeah, I drove the truck at probably like 20 over a hill a few times (not beating on it too much just off-roading like it should be able to handle), but now I got a issue. The truck sits approximately 2 inches lower on the drivers side than...
  4. CountryDriven

    Dana 35 drain plug

    I'd like to see some pics of what y'all have done before I do mine. I attempted to suck my muddy diff fluid out but I believe I only got about 2/3 of it out...and a drain plug just sounds like a simpler process once installed. Where did you guy tap your plugs? What bolt/plug did you guys use? I...
  5. CountryDriven

    06 fx4 fender flares on 93-97

    While I know these will fit any fleet-side bed from 93+, will these fit 93-97 front fenders? Anyone tried this?
  6. CountryDriven

    CountryDriven's 93 Splash 4x4 Build

    Well I have decided to post up a build thread. Little background on the truck, I am the 7th owner of my ranger, the truck was most definitely a northern truck in the past and seems to have arrived in Texas just in time (good amount of surface rust but nothing substantial other than core...
  7. CountryDriven

    Coil spring nut removal dana 35 TIB

    Hey y'all, I'm working on overhauling my Dana 35 front end I got from the junkyard and I'm trying to remove the coils. I tried placing a 1 1/16 impact socket on the wrench, but that was to small. I placed a the next size up (1 1/8) and that was too big. Since the 1 1/16 impact socket has 27mm...
  8. CountryDriven

    Stripped Accumulator Nut, How do I fix this?

    I have no clue how to go about fixing this. I know I'm going to need another new accumulator since I attempted to install this one with the help of wd-40. I simply thought the threads had corrosion but the removal must have stripped them. Long story short its all stripped, how do I fix/replace...
  9. CountryDriven

    2004+ 60/40 seats in 1993 ranger

    Will regular cab 2004+ style 60/40 seats bolt into my floor? I've read in some places it will wor and I've read it wont. If it will I would be willing to buy the seat for a reasonable price.
  10. CountryDriven

    leaking heater core?

    My truck reeks of radiator fluid and everytime I turn on the defrost or heat condensation rushes out of the vents. I've been riding to school with all of my windows down and a large jacket. This wont work... how do I locate the leak? Is this probably the issue? I googled my issue and this is...
  11. CountryDriven

    1993 ranger splash dana 35 upgrade

    Alright, so my truck could use a front end rebuild. I've got my parents in on funding the project so that's great. The plan is to go to a junkyard and get an dana 35 front end from an ranger or explorer and swap it into my truck. What exactly do I need to get? Ive read the tech article on this...
  12. CountryDriven

    93 splash 4x4 engine choice

    I'm planning to buy and build a 302 before I even begin the swap on my ranger because its my dd and I use it heavily. After a ton of digging in the forums I'm still stuck on the platform/build for my 302. Would buying a 87-93 ho 5.0 out of a mustang or town car be best because it would give me...
  13. CountryDriven

    My 93 splash 4x4

    Got it for 3200$, has the 3.0 with 214k miles. The only work I've done to it for the month I've had it is: -a complete break job (rotors, pads, bearings, shoes, ect.) -replaced the failing fan clutch -change oil & filter (Castrol GTX High Mileage & Motorcraft filter) -New Goodyear wrangler...