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  1. HenryMac

    2019 and Up Ranger Super Cab Owners: You Folks Received The Recall Notice For Faulty Seat Belts?

    I've received 2 notices in the mail. Basically a couple pages instructing on how to check the seat belt. More here: https://www.consumerreports.org/car-recalls-defects/ford-ranger-pickup-truck-recall-seat-belt-problem-a9081261778/
  2. HenryMac

    Roll Over

    Probably had the dealer install a tailgate damper, his purse fell on the floor, and he couldn't hit the brake. I've seen it a million times.
  3. HenryMac

    2020 Ranger. Less than 9k miles. Driveshaft bolts missing

    Scary... Here's a Link Not my truck. You might want to head out and check yours though. Nobody wants to drive over their "drive" shaft.
  4. HenryMac

    Opinion's on What Is Causing This Tire Wear ?

    I rotated the tires on my 2019 Ranger today. I've rotated them every 4,000 miles. Truck now has 20,000 miles. These are the Hankook DynaPro ATM tires that came on the truck, dealer ordered them as LT tires. All 4 tires have the wear pattern shown in the photo's below, and the inside tread...
  5. HenryMac

    Made In America: 2021 Ranger.. backslides from No. 1 to No. 16

    The Ford Ranger, which was no. 1 in 2020, dropped to no. 16 due to a reduction in US/Canadian content from 70 percent to 45 percent. Link
  6. HenryMac

    Your Truck Collision Insurance - Aftermarket Add On's Covered?

    My Hot Rods are insured through Hagerty... But my 2019 is through State Farm. We got rear ended and are awaiting a new hitch and rear bumper cover. So I've been dealing with insurance folks for the past 2 months. I see folks doing extensive modifications to their brand new trucks. Front...
  7. HenryMac

    Ford Moving toward Build-to-Order, Away from Packed Dealer Lots

    Ordering the exact vehicle—color, trim level, accessories, everything—that you want
  8. HenryMac

    That Stock Muffler... There's A Lot Going On In There.

    Some fella over on the ranger5g site did an alien autopsy on his 2020 Ranger oem muffler. It's a turbo glass pack... and since it has a flapper valve, yes Virginia, it does have muffler bearings.
  9. HenryMac

    Wondering Who Else Has Really Old Ford Trucks On This Site?

    I was reading a thread this morning where the comments was made that "They Don't Make Real Trucks Anymore". That got me to wondering if anybody else has some really old Fords? We've got a '27 Roadster Pickup that I built about 15 years ago. The body is original Ford Model T Got an old...
  10. HenryMac

    Adding Weight To the Bed For Winter Traction

    Nearly wrecked the truck a week ago on some black ice near Cripple Creek. Twisty mountain road, heading down hill grade and the road transitioned from sunshine to shade around a left hand curve and the rear end broke loose on black ice and headed for the ditch. I was able to quickly steer right...
  11. HenryMac

    1967 Shelby Mustang Barn Find

    This was so fun to watch... I just had to share. 1967 Shelby Mustang Barn Find
  12. HenryMac

    Check The Tightness Of Differential Fill / Drain Plug

    I changed the lube in rear differential on our 2019 Ranger today. One thing I found was the drain plug and fill plug on the rear differential weren't tight? Then I checked the front differential: the drain plug was tight, but the fill plug wasn't? The argument could be made that they are pipe...
  13. HenryMac

    $16,000 Adder? Who buys this Stuff? The APG Ford Ranger ProRunner

    It's basically a bone stock Ranger, with different fenders and tires. Yet they have the nerve to say it's "Affordable" right in the title? Test Drive: The APG Ford Ranger ProRunner Unleashes the Ranger’s Inner Raptor This bad-ass, off-road conversion kit transforms the Ranger into a reasonably...
  14. HenryMac

    Shrockworks Front Bumper Winch Mount / Bull Bar

    I really like how they integrated this into the stock bumper... Link ---> Ford Ranger Ultralight Winch Mounting System
  15. HenryMac

    Lock Lugs For Factory 2019/2020 Ranger Alloy Wheels

    In case anybody is looking for wheel locks.... Gorilla 61631N fit the 6-spoke alloy wheels on the 2019/2020 Rangers. They blend in quite nicely and don't stick way out like some locks do. I emailed Gorilla Auto before buying them. Some folks are saying that Amazon states they won't. The...
  16. HenryMac

    Lumber Rack For SuperCab Bed

    I built a lumber rack for our SuperCab bed. It interlocks together and has a bunch of strap down hooks to hold the lumber. Makes hauling stuff securely a breeze.
  17. HenryMac

    EcoBoost 1/4 Turn Oil Fill Funnel..... that actually fits the 2019 Ranger

    We bought a MotivX oil funnel specifically made for 2.3 Ecoboost motors... and it doesn't fit the 2019 Ranger. I knew that when I bought it... but also knew it could be easily modified to fit. This funnel is great. It 1/4 turn locks in place, and the clear base lets you see what's going on...
  18. HenryMac

    EcoBoost 1/4 Turn Oil Fill Funnel..... that fits 2019 Ranger

    I bought a MotivX oil funnel for 2.3 Ecoboost motors... and it doesn't fit. I knew that when I bought it... but also knew it could be easily modified to fit. This funnel is great. It 1/4 turn locks in place, and the clear base lets you see what's going on. Here's a link to the funnel on...
  19. HenryMac

    Shrockworks Rocksliders for 2019 Ranger

    I don't know that I've ever bought any fabricated accessory that is built as well as these are. The raw materials were all nice and smooth, almost no weld splatter was on the parts, the welds look uniform and equally sized and the textured black powder coat is uniform and undamaged. Each...
  20. HenryMac

    EcoBoost Oil Fill Funnel... What Are You Using.

    I've got probably 10 different funnels... none of which fit well into our new Ranger's EcoBoost oil filler cap. After some searching on the internet I found this...