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  1. Initialjoe

    Speedometer Old to New

    SO I read most of the "How the speedometer works" and "Speedometer problems" threads and was able to figure out a lot. When I bought my 1994 Ranger, it had a transmission from a newer model Mazda truck in it. I recently replaced the clutch assembly and saw the speedo cable just dangling there...
  2. Initialjoe

    Power Steering not working...leave it?

    When I bought my truck earlier this year the Power steering wasn't working. However, at that time the brakes and transmission were a larger issue so I have taken care of those issues and have finally gotten the truck running right. I have been running without power steering for at least 2000...
  3. Initialjoe

    Pilot Bearing NEED HELP

    So I was just pulling out the transmission this evening to do a clutch job when I came across a problem with the pilot bearing. I couldn't find it. I have a new one and know where to press it in so i tried but it only goes in a little ways before stopping (See pictures). I thought maybe the...