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  1. fastpakr

    Door lock actuators - reliable replacement?

    I replaced both door lock actuators on my '99 right after purchasing it. Now I'm about to have to replace the drivers side unit again - it's back to only popping about halfway when being cycled. Granted, it's been four years since the replacement, but the truck probably hasn't accumulated more...
  2. fastpakr

    Source for decent headlights with clear/crystal lens?

    On my future projects list is doing a projector retrofit into a stock Ranger headlamp housing so I can get properly focused HID lighting (not just an HID assembly in the stock reflector). The big hangup seems to be a headlamp to use that has a clear covering. My current ones are totally...
  3. fastpakr

    Reconnecting parking brake cables along frame rail

    Is there an obvious trick to creating more slack to reconnect the brake cables at the junction along the frame rail? I put in new rear cables to each drum before swapping the new axle in, and the self adjusters are spun down to their narrowest adjustment. But I'm a good way (1"?) from being...
  4. fastpakr

    '91 Pathfinder fuel system issues

    I've been helping a friend look at his '91 Pathfinder that frequently takes 10-15 seconds of cranking to start. We put a fuel pressure gauge on it and confirmed that it's not holding any pressure after shutdown. If you're watching a gauge, it drops from ~35-40psi to 0 instantly after turning off...
  5. fastpakr

    Explorer axle swap - brake question

    I've had an '01 Sport Trac axle floating around for quite a while and it's finally time to swap it into the '99 Ranger. Spring perches and shock mounts are moved and there's a new Torsen all set up inside. However, at some point in the last few years I misplaced the hard brake line for this...
  6. fastpakr

    5.0 rough idle/low vacuum

    Now that the (2nd) rebuilt 5.0 is in the truck and everything is connected, I was excited to fire it up last week. Unfortunately, it idles like hot garbage and I'm struggling to nail down what's going on. If anybody wants to help solve the puzzle, here's what I know: It's a '99 Explorer with...
  7. fastpakr

    Fixing a header problem

    I'm approaching the point of reinstalling the 5.0 in my '99, but have run into a snag. The knockoff headers I bought a couple of years ago don't quite fit. There's no real recourse because of the source and the time involved, so I'm looking for suggestions... The flange for the pipe from the...
  8. fastpakr

    For Sale $100 4 wheel parts gift certificate for $90

    I have a 4 Wheel Parts gift certificate that I'm not going to use any time soon. Let me know if you're interested. Paypal or Venmo preferred. I can email it (it's in a PDF form that they provide when you complete your order).
  9. fastpakr

    Explorer seat covers?

    My parents have an '08 Explorer and the fabric on the lower front seats is a mess. Getting them professionally recovered is out of their budget. Does anybody have experience with good aftermarket seat covers and have a recommendation? Thanks!
  10. fastpakr

    Identifying an HVAC control lightbulb

    Can anyone identify the correct replacement bulb for this? It's from the HVAC controls on a 2008 Explorer.
  11. fastpakr

    TRS Word Association Game

    Things seem a little intense around here lately (understandably). Let's lighten the mood a bit. Read the word from the most recent post and give a one or two word response that comes to mind. Keep it PG, and keep politics to a minimum (that's for the tailgate). Starting off: Ranger
  12. fastpakr

    347 rods and matching .030 pistons, anybody?

    A local contact offered me a good deal on a 347 crank and a clean block that's bored to .030 over, but he doesn't have pistons and rods to go with it. Anybody sitting on a set of rods (preferably 5.4" but 5.315 would be okay too) and matching pistons they're interested in parting with?
  13. fastpakr

    Evaporator housing insulation

    I'm looking for the insulation that goes on the cover for the evaporator housing on my '99 Ranger. The cover with insulation wasn't that expensive originally (p/n XL5Z19B666AA), but it's been discontinued. Apologies for not posting a picture, but the insulation is gone on mine so there's not...
  14. fastpakr

    Flexible boot below transfer case boot?

    My BW4406 from a late 90's F150 came with the remains of a white soft/flexible insulator underneath the shift boot. I'll attach a picture of what I've got below... Anybody know what that piece is called?
  15. fastpakr

    Chasing an amplifier whine

    I installed a 5 channel amp a couple of weeks ago in the Ranger and have had a background whine since then. My intent was to leave troubleshooting it for later because there are other things higher on the list to deal with. However, I ran into a curious symptom yesterday: at KOEO (engine off...
  16. fastpakr

    Cruise control button illumination?

    Question - can anyone confirm that their cruise buttons are backlit? The switches I bought to replace the trashed ones on my '99 are definitely set up to be lit, and some of the comments in the reviews indicate that they work. I'm just not clear on what year Rangers are actually set up this...
  17. fastpakr

    6x9's in a 4 door extended cab

    I came across a great deal on a set of Infinity primus 6x9's and went for it, hoping I could make them fit. Turns out they fit easily. A couple of minutes with a permanent marker to trace the outline and about ten minutes with a jigsaw was all it took.
  18. fastpakr

    Wanted - center dash vent

    I'm looking for a center dash vent for a '95+ Ranger interior. There are two styles - one design has a shutoff control on the outside edge of the vents. That one will not work for me. I need the narrower version without the controls. See attached pictures for clarification. The two styles...
  19. fastpakr

    Low power/low vacuum

    I'm 99% done with the 5.0 conversion on my '99, up to the point of driving it around the neighborhood for a few short test trips. That's created some questions that I've failed to find the answers for, so I'm reaching out for ideas... Quick info: Full rebuild with a mild cam and an intake...
  20. fastpakr

    Illumination wire problem

    In running some wiring for my V8 swap, I discovered that the Light blue/Red wire going to the 4wd mode control switch is shorted to ground. This is supposed to be +12v any time the lights are on, correct? I know that the cruise control switch backlighting is also not functioning, but the...