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  1. Diagnostic tool. lab scope. graphing meter

    Who plans to stay an automotive enthusiast ( ranger fan) I'd like to know how many have a lab scope or graphing meter. Why its needed ? Why its not needed? What is it? Remember its 2010
  2. Need to build a better truck.

    I move fast. need input . 84 ranger As a mech, (monkey) I have access to many cheap use parts.as the base. Every thing I get I rebuilt. I do it once the first time .last rebuild 8yrs ago. complete f150 complete explorers , doner vechs. Up front ----here is my arguement. dont be shy to...
  3. my view.

  4. Throwing out ideas

    dana 44 TTB 9" rear end . f150 components. the front stick 44 up front. don't narrow it use fiberglass fenders . The back. I have a little flat deck stake box, widend it 8" seem a lot less work.??
  5. ford 9" rear end

    Any put a F150 9" rear end in ranger ???
  6. The new build.

    THE NEXT BUILD. 85 ranger that why I'm here This ranger, complete rebuild. suspension and drive train. This is what I have now 2.3 turbo v8 trans adapter plate ford ZF s542 2x4 np 205 remote...
  7. I'm so happy.

    Gotta love you guys for your passion for wheels. what I find interesting is that engineers. (f--king ass holes) go 80% and we solve the last 20% . that is cool. !!!! Any thing to get around design obslesance. (f--king engineeres):annoyed: Okay, enough rants for know. (f--king...