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  1. sparky2eh

    Steel Cam Gear

    So I am looking for a steel cam gear for the Duraspark distributor I am installing in a 87 5.0 roller engine........ I have ordered ones for an 85 Mustang Gt 5.0 carbed manual tranny and both I received are too big for the dizzy shaft... so I have searched some more but not found a part...
  2. sparky2eh

    T5 Master/Slave Problems

    Hi, sold my 1988 302/T5 Ranger to fund the new project and now the buyer is having clutch problems. Pedal always seemed quite hard to push even when I had it. After I sold it, about 2 weeks after, the 88 Ranger master cylinder appeared to seize, the rod bent and took out the master (replaced...
  3. sparky2eh

    C4 Big Bell or Small Bell

    Just wondering if anyone knows of a surefire way to check if an installed C4 is a big or small bell housing? Is there a measurement you can take to tell the difference? Reason I ask is I just picked up another ranger, this one has a 302/C4 and I want to swap in an 87 5.0 roller engine in place...
  4. sparky2eh

    1988 Tach

    Hi, I am looking for some tach help/insight/suggestions, as is everyone here it seems :) I have the 302/T5 combo installed with no major problems as I did the search/reading thing and improvised etc etc. Now that it is pretty much finished, and is extremely fun to drive, I want to see if I can...