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  1. RangerGord

    My dads 82 F150 (long)

    Not much has been done for it since my uncle gave it to my dad in the early 90's, it sat for nearly a decade at one point. I think my uncle had taken care of it fairly well which is a shame. I've thrown a lot of parts at it as I could afford them, but after 40 years it needs everything. The...
  2. RangerGord

    Porting head. Any good tips?

    New to this. Just started on the exhaust side. I'm a little sketched out by opening the intake ports up more and getting into the chambers, but I may try it after I get more comfortable. Look at the fat booger in here! I will try to mimic this on all cylinders before I do any more or polish...
  3. RangerGord


    Been driving a 1999 4x4 3.0l for 11 years and it's still running great. I realize I drive a turd, but I enjoy modifications or improving upon anything I can. Now that I have another car, i just want to tinker with the Ranger. I considered an engine/trans swap but it's just not for me right now...