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  1. 88xltranger

    Good fabricator in NC?

    Not sure where to post this but I'm looking for someone who can fabricate for me. Stuff like tube frames or custom suspension setups. Life is not at a point where I have much time to tackle projects of that caliber.
  2. 88xltranger

    5v sources on 1988 ranger?

    I know that there is a resistor in the gauges that converts 12v to 5v, but is there any other places on the truck that gets 5v? Im having roughly 5v bleed into my turn signal wiring lighting up the rear LEDs dimly.
  3. 88xltranger

    New problem(to me) LEDs

    1988 with 2.9, installed LEDs in all exterior lights and replaced hazard and flasher relays with externally grounded LED compatible ones. I've never had a problem in any vehicle I've put them in but this one is giving me weird problems. Key off, brake, signals and tails work correctly. Key on...
  4. 88xltranger

    1978 F100 Ranger

    Hey guys, I've been jumping around on a few different projects lately and one I've aquired recently is this F100. I'm undecided on what to do with it yet but options are swap the drivetrain into the ranger or do something inspired by Ken Blocks F150. Either way it currently does not run and no...
  5. 88xltranger

    P/N for extended wheel studs?

    Google seems to be failing me for some reason. Can someone post part #s for extended studs for a 1988 2wd. Front and rear? Thanks in advance
  6. 88xltranger

    Another TPS Voltage question. 88

    So my truck has always revved pretty hight on a cold start and after making various repairs to many things, it still does. However after all my repairs once its warmed up fully the idle is lower than it used to be. So low that it will stall when put into gear. I decided to check tps voltage. It...
  7. 88xltranger

    Wanted Looking for 95-97 partout in NC

    Specifically looking for 2wd front I-beams, spindles and brakes within ~30 mins of Greensboro NC. Also interested in rear disc brake conversion parts and any other handling related upgrades for an 88. May buy body panels in good condition.
  8. 88xltranger

    Brake lights come on with ignition

    Hopefully I'm just overlooking something simple but with key off and lights on, the park and brake lights operate normally. As soon as the key is switched on with the park lights on they brighten up like I'm pressing the brakes. Using the hazards or turn signals with cause them to go back to the...
  9. 88xltranger

    1988 2.9 auto rewire

    As the title suggests I will be updating/modernizing most or all wiring on my truck. Since I will be using a murker intake manifold I will have a ton of space where the factory airbox used to be for a PDM. My brother has my truck for the time being so for now I will just be stockpiling supplies...
  10. 88xltranger

    1st gen suspension setups

    Does anyone have any good links or experience with swapping or modifying 1st gen suspension for autocross? I know all the basic stuff but I was reading another forum and came across this kit: https://ajesuspension.com/product/83-97-ford-ranger-kit-1/ Any experience with it?
  11. 88xltranger

    Source for connectors?

    Anyone know of a good source of automotive electrical connectors? My 88 has many corroded contacts and some connectors are even stuck together. I would like to replace with OEM style but if they are nla then my plan is to redo them all with new weatherproof connectors, possibly to the point of...
  12. 88xltranger

    Pictures of customized engines/bays

    Looking for some inspiration, Lets see some painted or modified engines and engine bays 😁 preferably 2.9s
  13. 88xltranger

    In case anyone is interested

  14. 88xltranger

    Wanted 2.9 in NC

    Looking for a decent 2.9 to keep on the stand just in case. Later model with improved heads prefered. Looking for local pick up in NC to avoid shipping
  15. 88xltranger

    88 XLT restomod

    I'll start of by saying I'm new to forums, so if my post are awful I apologize. Anyway long story short, after 2 years of my dads passing I finally own his old ranger. Its a basic long bed 2wd 2.9 auto. Its been pretty neglected I would say. Runs and drives fairly decent but it has its issues...