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  1. felgar_1

    2.5L ('98-'01) 2000 2.5 o2 sensor voltage

    hi, i trying to find the voltage spec. on the o2 sensor as what the ecm sees. i bought a wideband o2 sensor and i am trying to see if i can wire it into the ecm
  2. felgar_1

    2.5L ('98-'01) dis to cop

    hi, all has anyone changed from the two coil packs to the coil on plug coils"
  3. felgar_1

    Wanted wtb 98-00 2.5 bare head

    wtb 98-00 2.5 bare head, no cracks or been over heated, for what I am going to do to it, it will have to be reasonable. if the cam did not slide out nicely it won't work for me, my zip is 61531 for shipping cost, pm me what you have, thanks david
  4. felgar_1


    Is anyone running a msd dis-4 on there 98-2000 2.5 ranger. I picked up one and it's back firing when you accelerate. I was wondering if anyone has tried one of these and how did it work for you? thanks
  5. felgar_1

    I'm back

    not new to the site just been a long time since. I have been on here. I still run rangers. I have a 92,98,my old 99 I have had since new and my 2000 work truck with 311,000 miles on it, I have owned over 30 rangers over the years a lot were bought just for parts. hi, to all out there