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  1. My $3,500 Jaguar

    You are doing the work yourself so you are squeaking by. For normal people those cars are expensive to maintain. That is why you got it so cheap. Hopefully you can keep it going. The BMW's are even worse than the Jaguars. They are nice cars though.
  2. 2011 Fuel Tank pressure Sensor location

    I have never messed with this before, but I am getting hints that it's part of the sending unit on the tank from this picture. I will attach the picture and the key to the numerical descriptions is below...
  3. tech article correction

    I believe a statement in the article in the link below is wrong. Probably a simple typo. Here's the article link https://www.therangerstation.com/tech/2-8l-chevy-tbi-swap-on-to-ford-2-8/ The problem is under the Why? section. Last paragraph in this section. It states; This will not work...
  4. Which one?

    194 is the correct bulb. Rockauto has them for 14 cents apiece.
  5. 2004 Rear Left Parking Brake Cable Part Number?

    Rock auto lists the Motorcraft cable as a BRCA11. That is supposed to be a Motorcraft number and does come up when put in a google search.
  6. Rebuilt 2.9 taps when cold.

    I was just reading up again on the 2.9 in the tech section, and came across this. Additionally, oiling problems were common, and added to the poor reputation of the North American 2.9. Many poorly maintained or high mileage engines exhibit serious valve train noise. This problem is due to a...
  7. Rebuilt 2.9 taps when cold.

    Might be a faulty lifter that is leaking down. You can't buy anything these days that is of any quality. If this engine had some miles on it I would recommend a can of Rislone in the engine to help break down any varnish and free up any sticky lifters. Not sure if a can of that would help...
  8. 84 Bronco 2 dash

    In 1984 it was a light blue wire. The 4x4 light was fed with 12v key-on power from fuse 6, 15 amp. That fuse also feeds the cruise control, digital clock, and the light out warning system. A white/pink wire feeds the 4x4 light 12v at all times the key is on from fuse 6, but the light is not...
  9. where is hydraulic ABS valve on 1990 ford ranger with 7.5in axle

    The RABS module preforms system tests and self-tests during startup and normal operation. The valve, sensor and fluid level circuits are monitored for proper operation. If a fault is found, the RABS will be deactivated and the REAR ANTI LOCK light will be lit until the ignition is turned OFF...
  10. where is hydraulic ABS valve on 1990 ford ranger with 7.5in axle

    The RABS consists of the following components: RABS module (1989-90)-located in the dash under the IP panel mount on a brace, center of panel area. The (RABS) module for 1987-88 model year is located behind an access cover in back of the driver's side door pillar. Dual Solenoid...
  11. Hickup when full throttle/or lugging?

    How long has it been since the sparkplugs have been changed? On the tach problem I am seeing there have been problems with the circuit board and connections in the cluster on these trucks.
  12. Safe to Run Engine with Driveshaft Removed?

    He has no driveshaft.
  13. Safe to Run Engine with Driveshaft Removed?

    Whatever you do, it's going to make a mess. Been there, done that. When I did it the mess wasn't too bad, a bunch of oil speckles all over the frame and the floorboard underneath.
  14. Safe to Run Engine with Driveshaft Removed?

    It will most likely throw oil all over the place if the driveshaft slips up inside the trans. I assume the trans has oil in it?
  15. Rear end axle swap

    Looks like that 94 rearend is wider. If you stuck with a 1992-dwn axle it would be the same width. Here's some info on it. https://www.therangerstation.com/tech_library/Ford-7_5-axle.shtml Spring to spring perch width looks the same though.
  16. Stalled and wont start

    Just to be sure, get a can of brake cleaner or ether and give it a shot in the aircleaner and see what happens.
  17. Tach and volt meter not working, charging system not charging.

    Get a voltmeter or testlight. Go to the back of the alternator and find the lightgreen red stripe wire. Somehow poke this wire with the testlight or meter, put your other lead on the negative of the battery. When you turn the key to run but do not start it, you should have 12v on this wire...
  18. Can't get it to idle - HELP!

    I have been looking for an excuse to buy one of these.
  19. Can't get it to idle - HELP!

    Here's the bushing I found. https://www.npdlink.com/product/bushing-distributor-housing-upper/213170
  20. Can't get it to idle - HELP!

    They don't sell the proper size for even the common v8. I don't know the OD, but the ID of the common bushing you can buy is 15/32. That is the shaft size of all the old Ford v8 distributors. They do make 15/32 reamers, but the cost is adding up. I just need to get out there with the...