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  1. Cars+PCs=Awesome

    Cadillac Eldorado leaking fuel

    So, I fixed my Eldorado to the point where The car runs, but now I have a new problem. When the car is set to the on position, whether it's started or not, gas pools out, like a leaky water hose. Seems to me it's from the top of the tank, which also where the fuel pump lies. I'm getting the...
  2. Cars+PCs=Awesome

    Pitman arm or stabilizer? (Thread forward from gen. Discussion

    TL:DR I get mad death wobble and I need to know what size pitman arm I need to get. The issue is whether I should get a steering damper or upgrade my pitman arm. It seems like my body lift came with spring spacers in the front, so I may need to get the pitman arm to compensate for the added...
  3. Cars+PCs=Awesome

    Pitman arm or stabilizer?

    So lately I realize I'm getting the death wobble, an involuntary jolt left or right when I hit a bump or pothole. I also notice the previous owner I had didn't upgrade the pitman arm or put stabilizers to help with that. I have the truck in my profile pic. So which should I get? Should I...
  4. Cars+PCs=Awesome

    1994 Ford Ranger XLT 4.0L oil pressure help

    What's up TRS community, long time lurker, first day register. So here's my problem: My oil pressure has a tendency to drop real low, and the needle wiggles below L when I floor it, or when I attempt to pass someone on the freeway. It drops when I hit 3.5k RPM or higher, and it bugs me. It...