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  1. B2300 running weird! HELP!

    update. i dont know if its the fuel pressure or not because when i hook up the fuel pressure tester to the schrader valve at the fuel rail i also have to use an adaptor for this year ford. with that being said i have hooked it up and it says theres no fuel pressure. i think thats a problem with...
  2. B2300 running weird! HELP!

    already checked for vaccun leaks. Gonna grab a fual pressure tester tonight and get a reading. What should the psi be at at idle and revving etc?
  3. 96 Ford ranger 2.3L 4 cylinder acceleration hesitation

    Hey there. Im having similar problems. Could you post a pic of the harness and its location?
  4. B2300 running weird! HELP!

    That i have not done yet. But why would it rev normally at half throttle but not full?
  5. B2300 running weird! HELP!

    2.3 4cyl thats why its a b2300 haha
  6. B2300 running weird! HELP!

    Help guys! So heres the low down. My 96 (i think) Mazda b2300 is running weird. It will rev to high rpms when the pedal isnt all the way to the ground but when pushed to the floor it stumbles and backfires amd stays at low rpms. This is what it does. . when you mat the pedal to the floor it just...