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  1. kevmurray

    its a sad day

    i had to sell my project truck today to pay bills
  2. kevmurray

    its alive!

    well i have done my first intake manifold gasket an i have to say it wasnt as bad as i thought it was gonna be but i also need to be thankful for this site an all the great help it has been so like i was saying its alive an running runs mighty good to never ran this good before so im glad...
  3. kevmurray

    intake gaskets

    so i have been under going intake gaskets its taking awhile because i live in mass where its nice a cold an my truck is in my driveway haha it sucks but i got the intake off an the valve covers its all cleaned up an now its time to put it back together an i know i need to put some rtv on the...
  4. kevmurray

    lower intake torque sequence

    hey guys im working on my ranger right now its a 2000 ford ranger 4.0 ohv im in the middle of doing the intake gaskets does anyone happen to know the torque sequence for the lower intake?
  5. kevmurray

    ranger seat ?

    does anyone know if buckets seats out of what vehicle will fit in my 2000 ranger xlt
  6. kevmurray

    new guy from mass

    hello my name is kevin im from mass an i have a 2000 ranger 4x4 xlt i can say here folks i was a chevy man but the ranger has pulled me over to the ford side i love this truck the best thing i have every had im in the middle of making it my own as of right now im doing intake manifold gaskets if...