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  1. adam83094

    blowing out of top vents goes to defrost whenever speeding up and at +60mph

    okay so i have a 1999 mazda b3000 and this has been going on for a while now and has me seriously stumped. whenever i cut my ac or heat on it works fine when sitting still but once i speed up it goes to the defroster only and if i stay at about 45 or 50mph it works fine but once i get any faster...
  2. adam83094

    60/40 conversion questions.

    so i saw this mod in the tech library and i have a few questions. i have a 99 mazda b3000 and my console hinge is not connected to the side of the seat so im guessing there will be no hole?? will this mod ruin the integrity of my seat? if any of you have already done/attempted this mod what are...
  3. adam83094

    Lift Keys. yes or no?

    thinking about lifting my 99 mazda. Should i use lift keys or take some other route? just looking some other opinions or expierences. Preciate whatever you got!
  4. adam83094

    fix it or leave it?

    I bought a 1999 mazda b3000 in september. i paid 1500 for it and the guy said the tranny was going bad. so as soon as i got it i took it into the shop and i changed the filter cleaned the pan and flushed the fluid. it did alright but i can feel it starting to get worse and worse. i added some...
  5. adam83094

    New kid on the block.. needs some advice on his rims.

    I bought a 1999 B3000 the beginning of September. It has 15x8 pacer sawblades. I love the rims! they clean up real good with steel wool and look good except the ring of RUST. 1 of them has hardly any 2 of them are okay and 1 is getting bad. its not just surface rust it has eaten through the...