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  1. nathantaylor

    Rough Country vs. Skyjacker Leveling Kit

    Starting to look at leveling kits and these seem to be the front runners. I am starting to favor the Skyjacker kit since they come with shocks that I assume are tailored for the extra 1.5" lift in front but was hoping to get some input on which one you think is best. Just looking for daily...
  2. nathantaylor

    2.3L ('83-'97) 70MPH Top Speed?

    I have a 1996 Ford Ranger (Reg Cab, 2.3L, 5spd, 3.45 rear axle) unk mileage. It originally had the stock 195/70R14 tires on it and could go 80+ pretty easily (never went over 80 due to poor suspension and suspect tires). I needed to replace the tires and had some 15" rims decided to upgrade and...
  3. nathantaylor

    1996 Ranger 2.3L P/S for non stock P/S

    I just got a '96 Ranger 4cyl 2.3L that came stock without power steering and was trying to find the difficulty level and all the parts needed to install it. Normally I wouldn't mind the manual steering but I am street parking and trying to parallel park with no p/s and a manual transmission is...