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  1. NIPs

    Some questions

    Im very good at diagnosing most problems with an engine and suspension related problems, on craiglist near me is a 2000 Ford ranger 4x4 3.0 Manuel, the post goes like this $700 and its Urs cranks but wont start, has 250k might need an engine in bold, clearly the person selling it has no idea...
  2. NIPs

    Cam synchro for the 2.3 2.5

    Just a simple question what year did Ford put a cam synchro on the 2.3 was it 95 or 96 or a different year Sent from my ME173X using Tapatalk
  3. NIPs

    4bt ranger

    Do u need to do any frame modification for a 4bt to work in a ranger frame Sent from my ME173X using Tapatalk
  4. NIPs

    conversion help

    so i have a 99 ranger thats a 2.5 that has 202k miles on it, and i spun a bearing, i have a couple questions for anybody who sees this, ive heard the 2.5 engine and the 3.0 share the same motor mounts and same mounting location to the frame, i know they share the same trans which is the 4r44e...
  5. NIPs

    2.5 2.3 questions

    So I have a spun bearing in my 2.5 lima, my questions are can I put a 2.3 in and would it work with 2.5 wiring harness? My next question is what 2.3 would work with the 2.5 harness if it did work,1997 and older or 2002 and newer, last question as much as I love a Manuel the truck comes with an...
  6. NIPs

    Death of a 4 banger

    99 xlt single cab stepside Sent from my ME173X using Tapatalk
  7. NIPs

    1999 2.5l compression spec

    does any1 know what the compression spec should be for the 2.5 L
  8. NIPs

    New to the Station

    Hi my name is Ben but my last name means Nipple, hence the Screen name Nips, i drive a 1999 2.5L SOHC 4Cyl currently in College to become a mechanic i dont know everything im still learning, background on the ranger its black regular cab stepsidebed i bought it with a 182182 miles since ive...
  9. NIPs

    2.5L MPG problems

    i have a 99 2.5l, ive had it for 2 years and only put 20k on it since ive bought it. when i first got the truck i would get 20mpg in the city, and 25-35mpg on the hwy, currently the truck has 200k on it and is only 15mpg hwy, i had an egr problem and i fixed it, no change, i did plugs and wires...