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  1. Can't Get The Timing Right

    I've got four days to get this truck running or I lose it. Hopefully this counts as urgent. 1983 Ranger 2.3 Liter non turbo 4WD 4-speed manual trans Ran before HG change. Currently cranks, spat fire out of intake once. Has fuel, compression, and spark. I changed the headgasket and pulled the...
  2. Making my '83 2.3Lima dumb - Help!

    Hey all. I scored an '83 2.3Lima 4WD a week or so ago. Was told it had a bad HG, but there was ZERO oil/coolant contamination. Oil was just dirty, no shavings from what I could see. I got the thing running, and it would run at higher rpms (2-4k), but at low rpms it would shudder and buck like...