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  1. Explorer vs. Ranger D35

    Hi everyone - So the Explorer 8.8 is 31 spline compared to (usually) 28-spline Ranger 8.8. Is there a difference in spline count between Explorer and Ranger Dana 35s or are they both 27 spline? Thanks! akx
  2. Explorer Dana 35- TTB or IFS?

    Someone posted up a 1996 Explorer on craigslist and I'm wondering: can I swap that into my 87 Ranger? What year did explorer Dana 35s switch to IFS? The Dana 28/35 page isn't exactly clear. It says the gears from the 97 and older gears will work with my ranger, but then it gives the "build of...
  3. Dana 35 manual hubs

    Did the Dana 35 on rangers or explorers ever come stock with manual hub lockouts? I've got a D28 with manual hub lockouts and want to upgrade to a D35. The only D35's I've seen are auto hubs (which isn't what I want). Thanks. -akx
  4. Dana 35 locker

    I was wondering... Maybe this is crazy but... Would a jeep Dana 35 locker ever work in a ranger Dana 35 axle? I don't know enough about the differences to figure it out. I'm pretty sure that lockers on chevy vs ford Dana 44 axles are interchangeable. Thanks! Alex
  5. Snot and other problems

    Hi all. So I got my 87 ranger knowing it would be a project, but man are there a lot of things wrong with it. There is an incredible amount of "snot" buildup on the inside of the oilcap. I always wipe it off when I check my oil but it always comes back a couple days later. The other major...
  6. under hood light

    Hi all, Anyone know what bulb fits in the little "better-than-nothing" light on the underside of the hood. The one that lights the engine up when the hood is open? My truck never had one and I can't seem to figure out which bulb I need. It's an '87. Thanks.