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  1. Can't find a power steering bracket!?!?!

    I need some help. I'm buying a 1987 Ranger 4x4 with a 4 cylinder 5 spd, but the problem is it needs a new power steering bracket and I can't seem to locate one for the best of me. Do any of you guys know who makes them? or even better a link? My local junk yard has one but they don't want to...
  2. I want a BB Ranger!!!

    Well I've searched TRS and haven't really found the information I'm looking for. I have a old Ford truck with a BB 390 with a NP-435 4 spd with granny gear. The truck has seen better days but the drivetrain is in excellent condition and runs like a top. So the thought crossed my mind to put the...
  3. AOD to manual swap

    I have a 1988 ranger 4x4 with a 1986 ford 5.0 in it with an AOD tranny. The truck was originally a manual before the previous owner swapped a 5.0 in it, but i still have a clutch pedal and a big hole in my floor where they just slapped a auto floor shifter over the hole. My question is what...
  4. Help!!! 289 tranny and t-case question

    I'm starting to get all my parts together to do a 289 v8 swap in my 1988 extended cab 4x4 ranger. My 289 has an fmx tranny on it right now and I'm wondering if I can run that when I do the v8 swap? If not, what type of t-case can I run behind a c4 to where I don't have to buy a $500 kit to run a...
  5. Auto to Manual Transfter Case Swap!!!!

    Ok, I have a 1988 ranger 4x4 with an automatic and the push button 4x4. The push button 4x4 has given me trouble ever since I got the Ranger.:bawling: My question is what is all needed to put a manual T-case in? Any info will help thanks, Seth
  6. 1988 Ranger 289 swap questions

    I have a 1988 Ranger with a 2.9l and a 6inch skyjacer lift with 33's. I just bought a 1965 ford 289. My question is what all do I need to do the swap besides (engine mounts,headers,oil filter relocator,and an oil pan) What type of tranny should I use? Can I use the stock t-case? Any info will help.