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  1. speedometer conversion

    What do I need besides the instrument cluster to do a kilometer to mph conversion on a explorer
  2. clutch multi function switch

    i was wondering what kind of info does the fuel part of the switch supply to pcm? my truck has been stalling starting it cold then goes with the second try if i take it out of gear and parking brake on foot off of clutch it starts and runs on the first try .
  3. 94 to 92 swap

    a friend of mine rolled his ranger the other night it's a 94 2.3 2wd 5sp longbed questions is how hard would it be to swap his stuff into a 92 longbed 2wd with a bad auto?
  4. 97 up explorers problems?

    I'm thinking:icon_confused: about getting a 98-99 explorer sport:icon_bounceblue: and was wondering:icon_confused: about any issues :annoyed: and how to prevent them:icon_thumby:
  5. Lockers

    How hard is it to shim a locker :icon_confused:
  6. 2.9L cold start issues

    I have a 91 ranger with a 2.9 out of a 90 brII.When i start it first thing in the morning it fires right up then immediately stalls:annoyed:.It has a new fuel pump,filter,relay,pressure regulator.