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  1. Help, ticking in top half of motor

    had valve break off into cylinder, so i replaced the heads on my 04 with 06 taurus heads, I had ticking prior to replacing heads, but after replacing heads I still had the ticking so I replaced all the lifters with new ones and i still have the ticking. HELP please.
  2. Heads

    I have an 04' ranger with 3.0L and need to replace the heads. I am looking into pick-n-pull but I don't know what year vehicle/s I can pull from. Does the donor vehicle have to be an 04' or can I pull from an earlier/later model? Thanks in advance.
  3. scarred

    Question. If the top of my piston is scarred/gashed from a valve breaking and falling into the cylinder, can I just grind down the piston to smooth it out? Or do I have to replace the piston? Thanks for your help in advance.
  4. 3L to a 4L

    Hey all, How difficult is the swap from 3.0 to 4.0 in a 2004 Ranger Edge 2WD?
  5. Fng

    Hey everyone, I'm the new guy. I just posted a thread in the help forums, and need help. My motor seized in my 2004 ranger edge. 3L 2wd.
  6. 94' f150 5l

    Hey everyone, I am asking for guidance/help. I have a 1994 donor f150 with a 5.0 and am looking to drop it in my 2004 ranger since the 3.0 seized on me this weekend. Would this be the same as using an explorer 5.0? By the way, my ranger is 2WD. Any help is greatly appreciated.