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  1. Leak woes! Need help please!

    Well small claims might just cost too much money. This was going to be my daily beater but so much for that. I sold it as is and told the buyer just to buy a new rebuilt motor and transmission for it. I went ahead and bought a new f150. Anyone have google maps and want to leave some bad reviews...
  2. Leak woes! Need help please!

    Thanks for the info. Yeah one thing I forgot to mention. At idle it seems not to leak. When driving and under pressure, well the slow drip begins. Supposedly they put dye to see where the leak is coming from. But like you said. It seems more like that cam seal, rear main seal area.
  3. Leak woes! Need help please!

    Sorry left that out. A sleeve kit was put on. Not sure if they checked the cam plug. I'll check, thanks! Tech keeps telling me its coming out of the oil pan. I told him check pcv and make sure it's not that forcing pressure/oil out.
  4. Leak woes! Need help please!

    Hello All, I am new here, hoping to find some answers. I have a 2003 Ford Ranger Edge 3.0 2wd auto. Noticed some leaks from under the engine. I could replace all the gaskets myself but just haven't had time so I had a shop by me do it. Valve cover gaskets, oil pan gasket, front crank seal...