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  1. a4ld to manual swap questions

    i was thinking about switching out my a4ld to a manula trany, what is the difculty level on this and what kinds of problems will arise. and one more thing how much would a transmition cost from a junkyard? thx for any help
  2. wiring problem!!!

    ugh where do i even start. first of all i was changing my stock cassette player out when my wirring started acting funny, my open door alrms started going off, my interior lights wont work, my dash lights only come on when the NON-working interior light switch is on, and when i tried puting the...
  3. 4wd bent drive shaft?

    i have a '89 bronco 2. it drives fine when in 2 wheel drive but whn 4 wheel drive is engaged, the steering wheel jerks back and forth as you drive. is this because of a bent drive shaft? is it normal? any ideas would help thx
  4. Herculiner for carpet

    Ever since i got my 89 b2 the drivers side floor gets very wet, so i came up with the idea of taking out all the carpet or maybe just the front, maybe going half-way under the front seats and putting down some Herculiner or something like it. has anyone done this or have any ideas on it, let me...
  5. vavoline nex-gen recycled oil?

    has anyone used this stuff seems like it would be ok but still skeptical. let me know what you think. http://nextgen.valvoline.com/nextgen_proven_quality.html
  6. leaf spring helpers for B2

    found a couple leaf spring helpers online, one is superior industries and the other brand is dynachrome, anyone have any experience wit hthese, any info would be helpful. :dunno:
  7. leaf spring compatibility

    my leaf springs on my '89 bronco 2 need replacing my local junkyard has several different year rangers and bronco 2's. i was wondering which if any years have interchangable leaf springs.:icon_confused: any info would help. thx
  8. whel bearing noise after replacement

    after i have replaced the rear wheel bearings on my 7.5 open diff. is ther suposed to be noise when you spin the tires, it sounds like a grinding noise, i havnt put in new gear lube yet, is that maybe the problem, it just needs to be lubrcated? any info. would help thanks guys:icon_confused:
  9. do you have to seat c-clips

    after i replaced wheel bearings and seals, i puth the axle shafts back in. do you have to reseat the c-clips or do you just push them back on? its a ford 7.5 open diff
  10. do you have to remove pinion shaft and c-clips

    do you have to remove c-clips and pinion gear to remove axle shaft when changing wheel bearings?
  11. 89 bronco 2 v6 2.9L where does shortest spark plug wire go?

    i am replacing my spark plug wires and ive replaced all 7 on the distributer now where does the 8th and shortest one go? and where can it be found? i know its prolly right in front of my eyes. pics would be a tremendous help. thanks guys:icon_confused:
  12. pasenger rear sags 4 inches

    :icon_confused:my rear pasenger side sags about four inches lower than its suposed to, any ideas to what the problem is?
  13. blower motor doesnt come on

    after my 89 b2 has been shut off for about a day ill turn it back on and no air comes out. when i get under the hood, i wigglle the wires to the blower motor and it will turn back on. any ideas?:icon_confused:
  14. exaust manifold smokes

    when i run my b2 the exaust manifolds begin to smoke. any ideas on what it is or what to do?:icon_confused:
  15. lift gate wont close on drvers side

    on my 89 bronco 2 the drivers side liftgate wont close,when u push on it it wont latch any ideas on what it is?:icon_confused:
  16. whats the best way to clean interior??

    :icon_confused:found after cleaning that my headliner and carpet are still dirty. any ideas on how to get it out for little cost
  17. yay!! finaly got air /blower motor working

    well today i finally got my air working. i checked my blower motor and thought it was finished. so i decided to take a look at all the conections on my panel, the y were all good. so like an idiot i put my blower motor back in and it works just fine. must have been a bad conection. ya i know...
  18. 89 b2 rust

    ive been thinkin about what to do on my rusty doors and quarter panels, its just the bottom on the doors and certain parts on the quarter panels. so should i cut them out and get patch panels or bondo. any advice would help thx:dunno:
  19. blower motor doesnt come on. no air

    everything inside on the dash seems to work but no air comes through. i believe it might be the blower motor, but cant find the problem any ideas on what i could try to see if it still works. :icon_confused:
  20. valve stem hole damage

    hey guys, on my aluminum rims, air was leaking out of the tire so i decided it must be leaking from where the bead is seated so i romoved the tires and cleaned all the rims but when i removed the valve stem, the hole was either dinged up or had sharp edges, any ideas on how i would go about...