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  1. 1984 front end swap

    I've been doing some research on how to lower my 84 by swapping in a mustang 2 front suspension or a toyota hilux front clip. Just trying to see what would be better to go with. My plan is to run air bags instead of shocks/springs I already have a kit for the rear, I just want to know what would...
  2. How much hp can the ford 7.5 handle?

    From what I've seen around, even if the 7.5 is rated for a lower hp than the 390 I'm going for, using an auto trans helps soften the shock or stress on the diff as opposed to the manual transmission or something along those lines. Have any knowledge on that?
  3. How much hp can the ford 7.5 handle?

    I'm buying a new v8 from blueprint to replace my current worn out v8 (no I'm not going to build the current engine because it's much simpler and less confusing than building an engine with unknown specs) 84 ranger and it makes about 390hp. I plan on pairing it up to my current c4 auto and...
  4. 5.0 Swap Turbo Kit

    Hi, I have an 84 ranger, it's been passed down in my family as a wicked, outrageous show truck, hence the 5.0 swap. I have been running the idea of buying a turbo kit for it because why not, but i'm not sure where to start because there isn't much room in the engine bay and I have no idea where...
  5. Shortened Ford 9' Swap

    Hello, I am relatively new. Haven't gotten on in a while due to messing with expensive foreign cars I have no business even trying to own, but now my sights are back on my 84 ranger. I have purchased a shortened Ford 9' axle and I was wondering what I needed to do to swap my stock axle out for...
  6. Help With a Narrow 9" Swap?

    I currently have soa and would like to just focus on crusing for now, the speed is just an added bonus, but thanks for the link, it's much appreciated!
  7. 84 2wd Leaf Springs

    I have an 84 2wd ranger with an soa setup and they are as flat as a pancake and I don't think that's how they're supposed to be. Anyone know the best site to go to get new springs that keep the stock ride height?
  8. Help With a Narrow 9" Swap?

    Hello, I recently bought a Ford narrow 9" rear end for my 1984 Ranger, Single cab, regular box, and I was wondering if I needed to do anything t the drive shaft or suspension in order to fit it. I will be using it for a drag racing/show truck application that I will drive on the street to shows...
  9. Full Carbon Fiber Body

    Hello, I am new to the forum, but I have a 1984 Ranger. I am currently setting it up for strip use and shows. It has a 302 Windsor and is bored .30 over with a cam and new exhaust system. I was wondering if anyone knew a way to make a full carbon fiber body for it so I can shave more weight...