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  1. TwooD

    Will it fit stock?

    Hey guys I just picked up a set of 225 75R 16 tires and im wondering will they fit on my 99 b4000 with no upgrades? Im currently running 265 75R 15's. Also with the tire swap would i need to get the spedo rechecked or whatever it is cause of the tire diffrence?
  2. TwooD

    Need Advice!

    Hey guys, I'm new to these forums and I recently picked up a 99 Mazda B4000 4x4, and I am just wondering what are some cheap things I can do to improve the overall look of my truck. I have big plans but no money at the moment. I have already put the spray in bed liner in the box and blacked...
  3. TwooD

    Help with a lift kit!

    Hey guys, im sort of new to this and i just got my first truck a couple weeks ago, a 1999 B4000 4x4 and im just curious as to what lift kits would you guys suggest for it? I am unsure as to what id need, I want 3 or more inches. thanks! :)