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  1. 1993 Ranger needs a head gasket -- should I buy for $1200?

    1993 Ranger on Facebook Marketplace for $1200, owner says it's 4WD, 4.0L, V6, says it's a "solid truck, no body work needed" (but I'm new to this and working on educating myself about rust, so maybe that's wrong -- see the pics). 97k miles on it. However, it does need a head gasket. Is this a...
  2. Questions from a potential new Ford Ranger buyer (1986!)

    I’m curious for some thoughts and advice on buying my first Ford Ranger. I’m really wanting to buy a classic Ranger, something from the mid-90s and older. I found one on Facebook Marketplace that feels promising: 1986; 2WD; 2.0L (need to confirm that); 121K miles; body, bed and frame claim to be...