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  1. Injectors not seated?

    Hi guys, new heads on a 1986 2.9L Bronco 2. The new injectors on the passenger side don't seem to sit as far down as the drivers side. We unbolted and rebolted the fuel rail a few times and we can't seem to get the passenger side injectors to go down any lower with or without the fuel rail being...
  2. Setting pinion angle after lift kit

    1986 Bronco 2, 4" lift using springs, not blocks. 4x4, with either 7.5 or Explorer 8.8 rear end. This forum has great input on the necessity and how to measure and set pinion angle. What I have not read, maybe I missed it, is whether or not the rear suspension has to be under load when measuring...
  3. DuffTuff Bronco II 3" stage 2 suspension lift questions

    1986 Bronco II. Can anyone who has installed this kit give us an idea of how it went, were there problems, are you happy with the ride? Also, we plan on swapping the 7.5 rear end for the explorer 8.8 and as far as I can tell, once we move the spring perches to the top, all we'd need is different...
  4. 8mm or 10mm bolt holes on heads - does it matter?

    Hi, we are replacing heads on the '86 Bronco II 2.9L engine with the upgraded non-oval rocker pedestals. New heads come with either 8mm or 10mm bolt holes. What are these bolts for and if we get heads with one or the other does it matter? Thanks for the help.