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  1. erocka1982

    Firing order!!!!!

    im confused. i usually always go by what all data says but our tech thread on here contradicts what all data says. it seems as if one of the coils in the pictures is upside down. which one is right? i let a buddy help me do wires on my truck and i think he might have screwed me all up. i got a...
  2. erocka1982

    fixed after the tree incident

    [/IMG] heres my gas cap with a little airbrushing :headbang::headbang:
  3. erocka1982

    1-1-11 poker run

    havent showed off in a while and went on a poker run over the weekend so i thought id share a few pics. didnt get much action of myself but a couple posers!!!. [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] ****the funny part was, i was one of 2 rangers there and it seemed like the jeeps used their winches alot but i...
  4. erocka1982

    My ranger let me down!

    i tried to pull out a stump out and i just didnt have the power :dunno: i pulled out every root on the damn thing but she just wouldnt get the stump out. i even tried rockin it out and it accually caused my truck to misfire a couple times. i tried 2wd 4 high and 4 low and just about ripped my...
  5. erocka1982


    im kinda new to riding. ive only been a "legal" rider for a couple years and always had junk bikes. well, a few weeks ago i decided to get something a little nicer and bought this suzuki volusia. ive done a couple things to it. i smoked out the turn signals, put an HID headlight in it, put some...
  6. erocka1982

    ranger station on TRUCKS

    i wanted to rant and rave about how excited i am about the ranger station being mentioned on trucks and about the ranger project. :yahoo:i about $hit my pants when i saw it yesterday during my weekend morning ritual of watching the power block. i see jim started a thread about it but its closed...
  7. erocka1982

    finally brought my camera wheelin!

    i was out in the woods over the weekend with the camera, so thought i would share with all you guys.....what do you think??
  8. erocka1982

    check this out!!

    so i was on my way home from work and i drive by this dealership. i see what looks like an old school explorer with $3500 on the windshield. Now im interested cuz that thing MUST be nice for that much. anyway as i get closer i see this......sorry the pic kinda sucks, it was dark out. [/IMG]
  9. erocka1982

    caliper pins

    i am by no means an expert but i like to think im pretty mechanically inclined. ive been workin on cars for like 15 years but i have a pretty stupid question. on my 04 ranger, for each side, it takes two different caliper slider pins. one pin has a little rubber sleeve on it and the other one...
  10. erocka1982

    my edge dirty and clean!

    [/IMG] [/IMG]
  11. erocka1982

    parts stores

    just curious who everyone goes to when they need parts. im a parts guy myself and have worked at a few different parts places in the last 10 years including a dealership. now im at a place called autopart international which is owned by advance. :icon_confused:
  12. erocka1982

    Let's see what's out there....

    my old 97. slammed shaved and swapped(302) from a 99 mountaineer! oh yea, it had a transfer case! :headbang:
  13. erocka1982

    wheelin pics

    ok, i broke down and created a photobucket account so i could share a couple pics of my newly installed body lift and 285's http://i739.photobucket.com/albums/xx36/erocka1982/4x4.jpg http://i739.photobucket.com/albums/xx36/erocka1982/wheelin.jpg
  14. erocka1982

    i dont get it

    im not an idiot when it comes to computers but im not the best either. i just dont understand how to put pics in my threads that i have saved on my computer. does it have to be a link from a website?
  15. erocka1982

    HELP!!!! cab mount bolts

    :icon_cheers:does anyone know what i can use to keep the bottom of the cab mounts from spinning while i loosen the bolts??? ive tried channel locks, pipe wrenchs, and even oil filter pliers. cant seem to be able to grab onto that lower plate enough to put any torque on the bolts and they just...
  16. erocka1982


    anyone know what size tires i can put on my truck?? biggest as possible without major drivability problems... 04 4x4 ext cab edge with mild torsion bar crank and newly installed 3 inch body lift. THE KICKER IS I DONT WANT TO CHANGE MY WHEELS!! i figure 33 may work but i dont know how wide the...