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  1. SvenLaxMan

    New to rangers

    I have said before in an earlier post but i bought my first ever vehicle a couple months ago. That vehicle is a 1988 2.9L V6 ford ranger STX 4WD supercab. Not 100% if i said that properly but i am very new to this. I would love some tips on how to work on my truck, what to look out for, where to...
  2. SvenLaxMan

    1988 metal stx emblem plate

    I have a 1988 ranger stx and i am missing both of the plate emblems that say STX and i was wont see if anyone had a way to find one or sell me one or a full set. Thank you Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. SvenLaxMan

    1988 stx supercab jump seats

    Hi, im 17 and i just recently purchased a 1988 supercab stx ford ranger and as of right now the two jump seats are missing. I cant find any of the proper model for sale and i was wondering if either someone knew where to buy them or knew a different model of seat that would fit properly?