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  1. morsetaper2

    Anyone Purch a Factory Shop Manual Download on ebay? Good or Bad?

    Looking for a shop manual for my 2011 Ranger. There are a few hard copies on ebay for $175-$200+ depending on seller and whether the wiring manual is included. And a few pdf downloads for cheap $$. I'd really rather have a hard bound manual in the garage, but until the cost gets to a point I...
  2. morsetaper2

    OEM Ranger Nerf/Step Bars - How to Remove Front Bracket?

    Have a 2011 Ranger XLT 4-door extended cab 2x4. I have removed the factory OEM Nerf / Step bars. I want to sell the bars. But need to remove the frt brkt bolt pair flange, to sell them as complete set. It seems to be some sort of plate w/ two threaded studs welded to it. Does it remove from...
  3. morsetaper2

    $170 to Program a Key? Any Cheaper Options?

    New (used) Ranger PU truck, I bought it used. I screwed up when making the deal, just assumed there were two keys. If I had realized that, a 2nd key included would have been part of the deal. Nope, just one. Went to local Ford dealer, they said about $170 to program the 2nd key since I only...
  4. morsetaper2

    No Shop Manual-Want to Change Diff Lube on 2011 Ranger

    Have changed out the diff fluid on a 1999 & a 2001 Rangers w/ 2x4 drive, non-posi rear. Have a newer 2011 now, has a posi rear (aka traction-Lock). Don't have a service manual. Any online links to a shop manual? Watching ebay for a reasonably priced 2011 shop manual. IIRC, when you change...
  5. morsetaper2

    Changing A/T Filter on 2011 4.0: Anything Unusual?

    All, Have had two prior Ranger 3.0's and changed the A/T filters numerous times. Recently purchased a 2011 4.0L and want to do an A/T filter change. At this time, I have no shop manual. But figure procedure is same as what I did on my '99 & '01 3.0L V6 A/T change procedures, right? Anything...
  6. morsetaper2

    New 2011 4.0 Owner, Had Two 3.0's Prior

    New guy here. Had a '99 3.0 XLT Sport 2x4 that I bought brand new. A non-driving fool who couldn't speak a lick of english T-boned me and totaled that truck, 4 mos after paying it off. Bought a used 2001 XLT 3.0 w/ 50K miles w/ the insurance payoff. Just recently gave that 2001 to my brother...