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  1. In need of help

    The 2.9L has a cracked block and it’s super rusty from sitting out in the rain with no heads on. I’m currently looking for another 2.9l because this swap doesn’t sound like a good time. Where could I find a running 2.9L with no tranny for relatively cheap?
  2. In need of help

    Yeah the donor truck has everything I should need but are the motor mounts the same in both trucks or am I gonna have to fab some custom ones?
  3. In need of help

    Ok I have a 1989 Ranger with a bad 2.9L manual so I got a donor truck for cheap it’s a 1991 Ranger but it has a 3.0L with a manual. The 3.0L has low miles and runs I know people have done this swap but I need to know what to do about the wiring. Do I need to take the whole wiring harness and...