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  1. MikeShepard505

    2000 Ranger THREE POINT OH (3.0!) firing order

    So let’s try this in absolutely one go. Please do not give me firing orders on any other year 3.0 because every single one of them is different ??‍♂️ And yes anything past 2000 is even more complicated because Haynes and chilton both f*cked up the coil pack angle. It is a flex fuel 3.0 so it...
  2. MikeShepard505

    3.0 Spark Plug Gap

    Hello, I’m back again with things that shouldn’t need answering. I thought it was high time to replace my spark plugs and wires on the ranger but unfortunately I have a feeling I’m in another f*ck autozone situation. I ordered pre gapped Bosch iridium spark plugs and was already bugged on the...
  3. MikeShepard505

    Brighter bulbs on my 3.0

    Hello again, is it unwise to place brighter bulbs in my head lights? I purchased 2 sets of bulbs, one that’s 50% brighter and the other pair 150% brighter. If I put either in should I be changing some fuses to higher amp fuses? I’m really only familiar with putting some new speakers in...
  4. MikeShepard505

    Are these oxygen sensors no good?

    I can’t tell if all 3 are bad or if they’re alright
  5. MikeShepard505

    Speedometer gear, bigger tires

    Does anyone have an Automatic ranger from 98-00 that came stock with the 245/75r16 wheels? I’d thought it’d be much easier if someone had the speedometer gear to show me so that I could just buy the same to go to the bigger rims and tires. And assuming the 3.0’s and 4.0’s have the same...
  6. MikeShepard505

    Help me help an old lady ?

    Previously I posted about myself helping a older lady to get her ranger up and running since none of her vehicles run and it’s a truck I know the most about. She was driving with a misfire for over a month and fried her cats. Well it turns out the cats were only partially the problem making the...
  7. MikeShepard505

    2001 Ranger 3.0L Automatic 2WD (not getting past 50mph)

    Hello, I’ll try to keep this short lol. I’m working on a 2001 3.0 for a widow that doesn’t have a single one of her vehicles running. I thought I would be a nice guy and help her out since I virtually brought my 2000 3.0 back to life (almost exactly the same as hers except mine doesn’t have...
  8. MikeShepard505

    2000 Ford Ranger 3.0L 2WD Fuel Pump Replacement

    Hey there, new to the forum. Just a quick run down. Truck keeps stalling In the summer time. Usually at points when the truck is under more stress like needing to go up steep hills or just driving for a few hours at a time in the 90 degree heat, or while running the a/c at any of those 2 points...
  9. MikeShepard505

    98'-00 Ford Ranger XLT- 60/40 bench seats to 40/40 seats?

    Hello the names mike. Ive been researching and trying to figure how to convert a 60/40 bench seat to 40/40 bucket seats. Now I know there's the whole take out the driver side 60 and cut the center bracket off with a sawsall and now theyre 40/40's but I'm more looking to put buckets straight out...
  10. MikeShepard505

    2000 Ford Ranger front brakes

    Hello! Bought this 2000 Ford Ranger super cab xlt, has a 3.0 v6, 10inch rear drums, 4wheel abs, and a front coil suspension. I currently need to replace the rotors, brake pads, and calipers at the front. BUT. Everywhere I’m looking for a set of the calipers, pads, and rotors together they say...