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  1. Junglejoe

    Explorer air intake....

    Do you guys think the explorer air intake tube and airbox is restrictive for a 420 hp motor?
  2. Junglejoe

    T5 cable swap

    Ok guys..I did thw hydraulic setup on my 2000 t5 conversion. It "works" HOWEVER.. it will never work for track duty how I drive. Has anyone successfully converted a 98+ clutch setup to the old cable style for the t5 like thw foxbodys use?
  3. Junglejoe

    Speedometer "plug"

    Ok guys.. need one of these block off plugs for my t5 speedometer hole...anyone know where to get them? No, a rubber freeze plug won't work. Seem some that tried that..and it popped out leaking all the fluid on the track and highway AND all over the vehicle..
  4. Junglejoe

    Pulled it into the exahust shop finally

    Getting dual 2 1/2 pipes to 3 inch x pipe to 3 inch SLP's to 3 inch tail pipes out the back
  5. Junglejoe

    O2 sensor placement

    Anyone know the best place for the o2 sensors? Getting the exhaust done finally with new pipes from the headers back..
  6. Junglejoe


    This dude emailed me said his friend has a djm kit for sale... so we emailed back and forth... He sends me a screen shot of the kit from on line BEWARE!
  7. Junglejoe

    Djm dropped v8 rangers ..come on in.

    Looking for those who used the 4/5 or 3/4 drop.. Can I get some pics and feed back on ride quality and if there is alignment issues...
  8. Junglejoe

    Wanted DJM 4/5 Drop kit

    Looking for a DJM 4-5 drop kit.. or 3/4 kit for a 2000 ranger..
  9. Junglejoe

    WTB DJM 4/5 drop

    Anyone have a comete kit for sale by chance?
  10. Junglejoe

    For Sale Factory Sport running/fog lights

    98-00 factory running/fog lights with brackets , bulbs and wiring clip $50 shipped.
  11. Junglejoe

    Fired on the first lick

    Finally started the truck for the first time. Still have to clean things up under the hood, get the exhaust done then have it dyno tuned. Probably have to switch to 30 lb injectors, well see This is untuned, no 02's, stock maf, 24 lb injecters, no exhaust pipes, PATS transfered over to my...
  12. Junglejoe

    Hydraulic setup on bellhousing

    Can you guys post some pics of your external slave and how you mounted it
  13. Junglejoe


    I know a guy that can turn off the auto functions, pats delete on explorer computers for swaps.. PM me and I'll send you to him.. IT IS NOT FREE BY THE WAY THIS IS NOT ME..JUST SOMEONE WHO HAPPENS TO RUN V8 RANGER AND KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING.
  14. Junglejoe

    Clutch fan.and shroud

    Anyone running the stock clutch fan.AND shroud.... can you post pics? I moved my engine forward 3/4 of an inch to get the fan more in the shroud...
  15. Junglejoe

    Getting close

    mocked up the FEAD... had to notch the ac bracket because the valve covers wouldnt fit .Twisted wedge heads apparently have a shorter mounting surface.. Trying to figure out what goes where now and what bolts go where. Its been a LONG time, 5.years I assume or better planning and switching...
  16. Junglejoe

    Anderson power pipe.

    Anyone have one on their truck, if so pics please..
  17. Junglejoe

    pushrod measuring

    Any "experts" here on measuring pushrods?
  18. Junglejoe

    Oil pressure gauge wire relocate..

    ok...so as things are really taking place on my build.. ive come.across another wire/repin.. issue See where you have to move the oil pressure gauge wire in order for the dash gauge to work.. Anyone know about this? 2000 3.0 ranger /2000.expo swap
  19. Junglejoe

    2000 explore charging harness....

    ok..so, after a lonnnng times saving notes, reading and "thinking" I had it figured out. Removing the 2000 ranger 3.0 harness along with the engine and charging/ac harness.. I think I'm missing a part of the harness, maybe the 12 pin I see people talking about. So the 2000 explore charging...
  20. Junglejoe

    Injector safty locks/clips

    I need about 3-4 of these. They are.the safety locks for a explore injector connector. At first I thought they were broke..but they are not.i cant.seem to.find where I put all.of.them..