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  1. Chapap

    New rotor is slightly wobbly

    I’ve been hearing a constant click that follows wheel rpm. Pulled the wheel and see an ever so slight warp in the disc. It’s enough to make it difficult to turn when it presses on the inside pad, but it’s fairly free when it’s 180 deg from that point. I haven’t noticed excessive heat, but will...
  2. Chapap

    Is the *insert car, engine, tranny* any good?

    Has anyone found a way to quickly answer this question? I know about the cars the I’ve owned cause I’ve spent hours researching problems and found the good forums. I’m currently helping a bud pick a car, and it’ll take fooorreeevveerrr to answer the titled question for a list of cars using my...
  3. Chapap

    Shifter lengths

    While I’m working on putting threads on my shifter for mounting a new knob, this is my temporary lever. I really have to put some force on it to get into gears. Just in general, how are shift lever lengths decided? This transmission isn’t mated to more than 150 horses (unless it’s in the f150...
  4. Chapap

    Water leaking into the cab

    I’m finding a bunch of posts for mechanical leaks, but can’t seem to narrow it down to rain leaking in. When I get a good rain, I get little puddles on the floor and my seatbelt is wet. The puddles don’t appear until I start driving and the truck gets jostled around. I can’t find a source...
  5. Chapap

    Power reserve gauge?

    This is more of a theoretical/curiosity question. I’m guessing the most practicable answer is to use a vacuum gauge. Is there a way to measure how hard the engine is working? I’m guessing that to make an actual “power reserve” gauge, you’d have to put the vehicle on a dyno and measure all...
  6. Chapap

    2.3L ('83-'97) Transition from open throttle to idle

    How should the engine behave during this transition? Mine seems to get confused when the throttle is cracked- parking lot driving, going down hill, slowing down with barely any throttle, stuff like that. If I’m cruising and hit the clutch to stop, it seems fine if this is fine —> stays at high...
  7. Chapap

    Radio Reception and Weather

    I live out of town and am pretty far from all the neighboring radio towers. When the weather is clear, I get very few stations coming in without static. I can’t get my fav station at all. When it storms, I get that station perfectly. I know weather is a major factor in radio range… the ham guys...
  8. Chapap

    Shift knob mounting ideas?

    The shift knob on this truck is pressed on. The existing lever diameter is a tad over 1/2”. I don’t really want to epoxy a new knob on so I can take it off if needed. What would it take to shave that thing down and put some standard threads on it? Would I need to find a machine shop with one of...
  9. Chapap

    Aftermarket dimmer wire

    So I’ve found a few threads about the dimmer wire, but not really an answer. My harness and radio both have the wire (orange). Problem is it doesn’t work. I’m assuming the new radio is looking for a certain voltage (12v?) on that wire to know when to kick in the dim setting. I’m also assuming...
  10. Chapap

    Mounting Speakers On Trim Panel

    My 94 single cab rear speakers are mounted to the plastic trim panel. Of course this goes against all box design basics, but I don’t intend to do major surgery to fix it. Anyone have recommendations to improve the situation? My current plan is to just line the panel with 80 mil butyl sound...
  11. Chapap

    Head unit availability/ chip shortage?

    I’m shopping for a head unit. I’ve decided to go with a Pioneer unit. Looks like they basically 2 different models, one looks different and does a bit more. Msrp is like 90 and 130 range for the two. I’m finding that market prices are a good bit higher and they’re hard to come by. The cheaper...
  12. Chapap

    Steer/Bull/Cow Horns

    Anyone mounted horns on the hood/bumper? Probably not as fitting on a Ranger than on an El Dorado, but I don’t have one of those...
  13. Chapap

    Are Almost Free Boats & PWCs Worth The Price?

    Surprised there’s no boat section. I’ve always seen cheap 90’s PWCs on FB and CL. Most say that the hull is good but the engine is the problem… “ran last year,” “lost compression,” “electricals are shot,” etc. Fiberglass is easy enough to inspect, but engines not so much. I’ve made some real...
  14. Chapap

    2.3L ('83-'97) Evap system basics and inspection?

    This probably applies to every engine Ford made for two decades, but there’s no option for that except general discussion…. So I put it here. What needs to be checked on this system? There’s a solenoid on the tank, a vac line from the tank to the evap box under the hood, and a vac line from the...
  15. Chapap

    2.3L ('83-'97) Mass air flow sensor brands

    Is the MAF something that needs to be a top brand? I have a new one but still have code 159 maf out of range. Every other sensor is new so there *shouldn’t* be anything confusing the computer. I’m pretty sure I have detonation because it seems to not to match any of the descriptions for rod...
  16. Chapap

    What’s that smelly smell my truck makes?

    I have a smell and can’t determine where it’s coming from. I’ve smelled it before around other old cars. It’s seems exhausty but doesn’t smell like any kind of exhaust I’ve smelt. Kinda similarish to burning oil or rubber… but not. It’s almost a rancid, burning flesh smell. I can’t find where...
  17. Chapap

    2.3L ('83-'97) Manifold Absolute or Barometric Pressure sensors?

    Wondering if this engine has either a MAP or BPS. I’m guessing no MAP cause, as I understand, it has the same function as the MAF. I don’t know about the Barometric Absolute Pressure Sensor though. I just ran across it while perusing Rock Auto.
  18. Chapap

    Little digital readout for gauges

    I am basically looking for a little screen to give a digital readout of oil press, temp, and batt. I either want all 3 in a pod to mount in the empty 4x4 switch location, or mount the screens under their respective gauges on the cluster. Anyone know of something like this? It seems that all the...
  19. Chapap

    EEC-IV/ OBD1 code help

    Well I got some codes off the computer via the flashing light. I have about 60 digits. Any way of separating 2 and 3 digit codes?
  20. Chapap

    Front corner spring sag?

    I measured as best as I could with my hand and found that the front left sags about 1.5” lower than the right. I assume the coil spring is the issue, but I want to see what all I should check to make sure this isn’t an actual problem. I’m replacing a radius arm (shock mount sheared off) and...