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  1. dashhho

    steering pump noise

    My truck has always had a power steering whine since I got it. From reading around it seems most deem this normal. Recently I have noticed more of a shuttering of the pump when turning the wheel at a dead stop - it is definitely not a whine. It is accompanied by a stiff wheel. It doesnt do it if...
  2. dashhho

    free AC compressor

    my friend gave me a free ac compressor from a truck in his yard. The AC looks in great shape but it looks like the lines were disconnected for some time and I can see some dust/dust has gotten inside the unit. Should I try it? Can I clean it out?
  3. dashhho

    Bear vs B4000

    He started it...I was going 100kph down the highway. I hit him and then ran over his head and neck (said the witness). The bear stumbled for a few minutes but then walked off into the bushes. How does the damage look to y'all? I drove it home and I am not sure if they would write it off - I...
  4. dashhho


    I'm not sure what caused the streaks but something has perm stained my cluster plastic? So far I have tried washing it with soap/water, simple green, and buffing it with some toothpaste. The toothpaste buffed out some haze....making the splotches more noticeable. Any ideas? I don't like to...
  5. dashhho

    whats that noise

    I decided to put fresh 5w30 in the mazda and start it up after not driving it for a few months. I dont remember hearing the tick before, it is comming from the top of the engine. Is it a concern? https://anchor.fm/jon-rollins/episodes/engine-goes-tik-tik-e18aud3
  6. dashhho

    Rear bearings on their way out?

    I was checking out my drums today and noticed some vertical play in the axle. The drivers was quite a bit, the passenger side was less but still noticeable. I'm guessing there shouldnt be much play if any? The seal seems to be holding at this point as there is no diff oil leaking yet. I'm...
  7. dashhho

    3rd gen 4.6L v8

    A guy not too far from me is parting out his 2002 Eddie Bauer exploer with the 4.6L v8. I think this can bolt up to my 2005 B4000 4wd with an adapter to the TC? Also not sure about the wiring but it sounds like it would not be as plug and play as 01 and previous explorer 5.0L V8 swaps. Is there...
  8. dashhho

    used vehicle inflation

    I am in Kanadia but was wondering whats going on elsewhere. Used trucks here are pretty inflated. A guy was selling a '09 Ranger 4.0L sport 4x4 with 30,000km for $17,000 canadian rupies.
  9. dashhho

    Tailgate handle lock

    I swore that I had seen one...10 years ago? My hunch is they never really worked and why they stopped making them. My tonneau cover locks underneath so you have to open the tailgate to release it.
  10. dashhho

    oil pressure timing tensioner brand

    Rockauto does not have any motorcraft oil pressured timing chain tensioners. What is the verdict? Do I need to go to my local Ford dealership to get these suckers? Or are the aftermarket okay?
  11. dashhho

    Power windows. Or should I say stationary windows

    When I bought my truck the passenger window switch did NOT work. I could open the pass window from the drivers switch so permanent child locks was okay with me. Now my drivers window is struggling to operate. It takes a few presses but it will eventually go up/down...something is having a hard...
  12. dashhho

    Is it toast?

    Well I am pretty ticked but maybe I am rushing to conclusions a bit. I just did a ~2000 mile trek across the country in my '05 B4000 4WD. I went to pull the plastic flaps out of the wheel well today to see where the 02 senors were and I seen a bunch of oil thrown around the the lower control arm...
  13. dashhho

    Shall one replace o2 sensors?

    my '05 B4000 has 140k miles on it. It runs okay, alot better now that I put in motorcraft plugs and wires as the previous owner used NGK!! How do the ranger gurus feel on o2 sensor replacements. Do they need to be done if no codes are thrown? Is it really preventative maintenance or will they...
  14. dashhho

    tell me your opinion on spark plugs

    My '05 B4000 4.0L doesn't start up very easy and I figure my mileage is lower than it is supposed to be. I pulled out a plug and the previous owner ran NGK TR551GP which look to be single platinum. The ground strap looks to be slightly burnt away so the gaps grown. I'm guessing this is my...
  15. dashhho

    Cruise control issue

    When I bought the truck the cruise control never worked. I am trying to diagnose the problem, hoping someone has some thoughts! It is a 2005 B4000 SE. Checked the fuses - all good Ran the cruise control diagnostic procedure - it passed but the dynamic portion did not actuate the throttle. This...
  16. dashhho

    Noisey Pulley?

    My 2005 with a 4.0L SOHC has a noisey pulley when I first engage the AC compressor. Starting the truck with the climate control on "OFF" and then turning it to AC or anything that engages the clutch on the AC I get a good growling belt noise of some sort for approx 2secs which I believe is from...
  17. dashhho

    Do I need to?

    The compressor will not turn on in my truck, I'm fairly certain its due to low refrigerant levels (I had charged it maybe 3 years ago when there was similar issue). I plan to tear the vehicle down and remove the engine etc... If the system was leaking and that caused the refigerant levels to be...
  18. dashhho

    Worth a Sonnax Zip Kit?

    My 2005 B4000 with a 5R55E has ~140k miles on it. I live in a mountainous area and the constant downshifting has me concerned on how long this tranny will last until I burn it up. I was looking at the Sonnax Zip kit, it looks like it can be mostly installed without pulling the tranny - would...
  19. dashhho

    Coolant leak?

    While driving home today I stopped to make a quick call on the side of the road. When I stopped I noticed smoke coming from the hood - I looked at my temp gauge and it was normal and then shut the truck off and popped the hood to take a look. The passenger side of the engine bay was covered in a...
  20. dashhho

    Mazda badges

    Well I had the great idea of removing the giant B4000 V6 badge from the side of my truck. Now I have 3 speed holes instead. :headbang: