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  1. RustyShackleford94

    Decent body in IN

    If anyone needs a body donor https://fortwayne.craigslist.org/pts/d/silver-lake-2008-ford-ranger/7380805364.html
  2. RustyShackleford94

    Turbo deezol ranger

    RARE AF. Ive only ever seen 2 https://nashville.craigslist.org/cto/d/mc-daniels-rare-1987-ford-ranger-diesel/7363387518.html
  3. RustyShackleford94

    Steering funkyness

    So the trucks a 96, 2.3, 4x4. The steering is super responsive in one direction but not the other. This morning it ended up having to over correct coming out of a curve to keep the thing on the road. Any thoughts on what i should throw at it? Everything in the front end is clapped except for the...
  4. RustyShackleford94

    Service ranger.

    Haven’t seen one of these in a loooong time https://dayton.craigslist.org/cto/d/new-carlisle-1983-ford-ranger-4x4/7366575012.html I like it but i dont like it for $4500
  5. RustyShackleford94

    Rustys GMC, not much of a build.

    Picked this up on the cheap with 118kish on the clock. Its a 08 gmc 1500 SLT, 6.0, 60e, 3:73s “NHT” (towmax) package. Loaded with everything but nav and a sunroof, clean black leather, only 1 dash crack lol. It was whacked in the passenger side so i had my brothers shop fix that and some rust...
  6. RustyShackleford94

    Free 3D printed cupholder

    Im giving away my 3D printed cupholder. It was in my 96 reg cab 5sp ranger. No longer fits with my 1998 seats. Very solid with 4 mounting screws. If you can use it and cover shipping its all yours. I ship UPS through my work, itll be there quick for under $20.
  7. RustyShackleford94

    96 Ranger Build...ish

    So i picked this up probably a month and a half ago for $400 Its a 96 ranger, 2.3L, M5OD, manual everything. It ran and drove but was down on power. Plugs, wires, coils, CTS, TB clean, fix a couple vacuum leaks, and an air filter later she runs smooth as silk with 112hp present. I also deep...
  8. RustyShackleford94

    Just some new guy

    Howdy all, been checking this place out off and on since high school (2010ish). Ive had my share of rangers and 2 B2s. My first truck was an 89 ranger ecsb, 2.9, 5sp, 4x4 blue/blue two tone. Second truck was a 95 reg cab with the 7’ bed 2.3 auto, just white.. After that i had a black 89 B2...