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  1. pjtoledo

    TRS Word Association Game

  2. pjtoledo

    TRS Word Association Game

  3. pjtoledo

    Going back in.... last time i hope..

    first, I haven't recently read all the posts, so please forgive me if this is a duplicate. have you had a vacuum gauge on the intake while the fuel pressure is bouncing around?
  4. pjtoledo

    How are rear blinkers supposed to perform? (1989 2.9L automatic)

    friendly FYI the 4 way flashers activate the brake lights. that way you can turn the flashers on ( :shok: ) and do a walk around to check front & rear bulbs.
  5. pjtoledo

    TRS Word Association Game

    don't remember
  6. pjtoledo

    TRS Word Association Game

  7. pjtoledo


    punchline from an old joke "I'm a bull too"
  8. pjtoledo


    one of the few places we can say "nice rack" and not get pummeled
  9. pjtoledo

    TRS Word Association Game

    too bad "family friendly" rules apply :icon_rofl:
  10. pjtoledo

    Suspension help - lift size and control arms

    can you pull the plastic back and get some pics of the top shock mounting area?
  11. pjtoledo

    Sagging on the rear right side of the passenger.

    first you need the check the frame to suspension dimensions, disconnect the sway bars first for optimum results. on the rear measure between the frame & axle tube on each side, front is measured using the following method. then you can adjust the T bars up front and shim the rear for your...
  12. pjtoledo

    TRS Word Association Game

  13. pjtoledo

    TRS Word Association Game

  14. pjtoledo

    New member

    there is a bracket on the transmission the shifting cable runs thru. it has an adjustment range to match the transmission with the gear selector. slide out a white plastic locking tab, adjust the cable, slide the locking tab back in. there are small grooves that the tab captures.
  15. pjtoledo


    cabin fever set in already, eh?
  16. pjtoledo

    Spindle lift road noise

    since I don't have a torch set this is what I've done a few times. on most bushings the inner sleeve has a slit from front to back. you can pound a screwdriver into that slot to open it up. that isn't easy and the screwdriver won't survive. grind the head off the bolt, including the small...
  17. pjtoledo

    Spindle lift road noise

    for the big ring that looks like the inside of the hub was rubbing on the shaft. the smaller ring would require exploratory surgery. I would be worried the smaller ring may have weakened the metal. on the spring bolt pics would help, the plan of attack depends your unique situation. are you...
  18. pjtoledo

    My 1997 Ranger 3.0 4x4

    "classic" drum style parking brakes don't work well in reverse, always been that way. it's because of how pressure applied increases/decreases the leverage.
  19. pjtoledo


    so far less than an inch in Toledo
  20. pjtoledo

    Wire Cable Bolted Under Cab, Wrapped Around Mid Cross Member?

    those are seat belt anchor bolts the cable is attached to. the other end of the cable attaches to the missing bolt in the cage-looking thingie. I'm not sure if they give added strength to the floor, or are intended to cut you in half if the body separates from the frame in a collision...